Think You Can't Have a Stylish Family Bathroom? Think Again!

When you have children, it can often feel like there is no point having nice stuff. It will get ruined or stained if you do, right? For some things, like sofas, delicate ornaments, and carpet, this may very well be the case. But for individual rooms in the house, you can still have a luxury room of your dreams.

Take your bathroom, for example. There won’t be many times that you won’t be in there with them. From diaper changes, potty training, and bathtime, you will be around to supervise them. Plus, the bonus thing is that everything is wipeable. From the bathtub to tiles and shower screens, it will all wash and clean up thoroughly. So it does minimise the risk of having things damaged or stained. Plus, you need at least one room in the home that isn’t filled with everything just for the kids.

But how can you create a luxurious yet practical family bathroom? Here are some tips to help.


Safety First
While you will be in the bathroom with them the majority of the time, there can be occasions that they may sneak in there while you’re on the phone or otherwise distracted. So safety is still of paramount importance when it comes to the bathroom. If you have cleaning products in there, then make sure that you have child locks on cabinets to prevent them from getting them out. It is also a good idea to use the length of the walls for storage. High shelving can be for things that need to be out of reach, as well as things like razors and shavers. So have a look at your bathroom and think about what hazards here might be. Getting some new storage in the bathroom can help the room to look more stylish as more is hidden away. But it also helps to keep things safer as they will be locked away too.

All About The Bath
With children, just having a shower will not do; a bathtub is really important. And as such, you can make it a real feature in the room. Opting for lightweight acrylic freestanding tubs can be a good idea as it makes it a focal point in the room and helps the place to look stylish. But from a practical point of view, it also helps you to get close to your little ones when you’re in the bath, rather than having to lean over all of the time. You can move around the tub when it is freestanding so it can make bathrooms run much more smoothly. The finishing touches on the tub can add to luxury too; claw feet for a freestanding tub is quite a classic look but makes it look expensive and luxurious.


Go Digital
Having a digital shower can be a revelation in any bathroom. It can be easy to use and even controlled remotely. It can help you to have some control over the water pressure in the shower, as well as making the temperature just as you want it. A luxurious touch that is completely practical for a family bathroom, right? You can reduce the chance of scalding when it comes to running the bath or shower so s our children grow they can take control without it causing any problems.

Invisible Heating
Bathrooms, even a family bathroom, can be one of the smallest rooms in the home. And as such, can often lack wall space. Plus any space that you do have may be already taken up with the sink, toilet, and bathtub. So heating in a bathroom is often something that gets forgotten about. But having a freezing cold bathroom doesn’t exactly scream luxury, does it? So think about other ways to heat the bathroom. It could be underfloor heating which is placed under the floor tiles and warms your feet when you enter the room. Luxurious, not very common, yet still practical.

Other heating could be through towel rails that can be mounted on the walls. Again, they’re practical as they can dry your towels, but can look really good too as they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Just remember to not overload them with your towels, though, as then it will be cluttered, and the heat from them won’t be able to heat the room.

Have you got any tip or tricks for helping your family bathroom look good but also serve a practical purpose? Would love to hear what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. Wow that looks so stylish..I would love spend time in this type of bathroom instead of my bedroom.. lol