Great Tips for Planning a Surprise Birthday Party

If you have a friend or family member that has a birthday approaching, it can be a nice idea to throw them a surprise birthday party. It might seem like a simple process, but it can take a lot of planning. Not only do you have to organize everyone to arrive at the same time, but you also have to plan how to get the guest of honor to the party. Here are a few tips to help you plan the perfect party.

Start with the Basics
Before you can think about arranging the party, you must decide on the basics. For example, what theme should the party have? How many people will you have at the party? Many of these decisions are based on what the guest of honor likes. That means you need to know a lot about them, or you need to find it out. You will need to start something like a surprise party as far in advance as possible, that way; it will be easier for the guests to book time off or arrange to get to the venue.

Choose the Party Location
When you have an idea of the numbers involved, you can start to plan where the party will be held. You may have a friend who can host the party, or you can have it at the honoree’s house, though planning it there will be more difficult. If you have a venue that you think will be suitable, then you will need to find a date that the venue is free. Find out from them how many the place can hold and if there is a kitchen to help prepare food.

Sending Out Invitations
Once all the details of the party are set, you can work on sending out the birthday invitations. You should have tried in advance to give people a few options for dates and times. That way, you can invite as many people as possible. There is something special about sending out paper invitations as opposed to sending them by email; you can make your own invitations with a little creativity and send them out to everyone. Those that are out of state will need to be invited first so that they can arrange to come over.

Arranging the Food
When it comes to food, you have a few options. You can get it catered, which will make the planning and preparation much easier, or you can do it yourself. Another idea is to ask people to bring something with them, that way you can share the preparation and you won’t have to transport all the food yourself.

The Big Day
When the big day arrives, you should make sure that everyone will arrive in plenty of time. The guest of honor will need to be taken to the venue, which will probably need the help of someone else. You should come up with a plan to get them there without them suspecting what is going to happen

If everything goes to plan, you should have everyone ready for the time when the guest of honor arrives.


  1. I love the idea of sending paper invitations. Hardly anyone does that anymore.

  2. These are some great party ideas. I enjoy having these times together making memories. Thank you for sharing

  3. wow, thanks! i want to do this for my husband i think