ChocoVit Syrup chocolatey flavored multivitamins for kids #ChocoVit

Kids grow fast, and their body changes. Because we are now living in the world that most parents go to work, sometimes we neglect to give our children balance healthy diet. That's why most pediatricians recommend children to take daily dose vitamins and minerals from food supplements to backup. Vitamin A, Bs, C, D, E, K as well as minerals like Calcium, Zinc, and Iron are an essential needs for growing kids. These are the vitamins and minerals which help in boosting their immune system, brain development, healthy bones, and muscles. Without vitamins and minerals, a child's body can have a severe health problem.

Is your child getting enough nutrients from the food he/she eats? Your child could be a picky eater. Does he/she love to eat chocolate? What should we do?

Great news! I just discovered multivitamins that will help fill in the gaps of our kid's nutrients need. ChocoVit Syrup is a food supplement packed with vitamins and minerals plus Zinc. It's even more exciting because it comes in chocolate flavor which every kid love.

Chocovit's unique chocolatey flavor makes it easier for children to drink and it's specially formulated for children from 2 up to 12 years. Every bottle comes with a small measuring cup. The recommended dosage is 2.5 ml to 5ml once a day for kids 2-6 yrs old while 5ml to 10ml once a day for kids 6 to 12 yrs old.

I have started giving Chocovit to my daughter for a week now, and She wants to drink more than the dosage for the first time I gave her Chocovit. I must say that she loves it and always looking forward to taking her daily dose of vitamins now.

For mommies like me, I recommend Chocovit Syrup for your little one. Multivitamins that will help our child's brain development, health and growth at very affordable price of Php 185.00 per 120ml bottle available on Mercury drugstore nationwide.

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