Importance of weather detection system

Safety is of utmost importance wherever we may go. It is something that we should never compromise no matter what the cost is. However, regardless of how careful we are, an accident is something that is way beyond our control. It can happen anytime and anywhere without prior notice. The least that we can do as humans is to innovate and maximize the use of our latest technology to somehow keep up with the unpredictable future.

Given the fact that we are now experiencing climate change in different part of the world. Did you know that according to the new studies, lightning strikes could flash through the sky even more often than that as the planet warms, at least over the continental U.S? While it is true that calamities are unavoidable and inevitable, we have these weather radars and lightning detection system to rely on.

One thing that is out of our control is the weather and its accompanying risks. When one is traveling from one place to another, safety is compromised by an unforeseen calamity ahead. It is inevitable that humans get to experience at least one life-changing disaster. Having been prepared for one lessens the risk of being put in danger. Weather detection system is essential to get all the people in the vicinity be well-informed and prepared at the same time, take necessary actions like the cancellation of flights if the weather becomes unfavorable. 

The blessing of technology offers us a weather detection system. This helps the people anticipate the weather ahead. For more safety, an added tool like a lightning detection system is being utilized. By these, the characteristics and intensity of lightning are being studied upon for the recognition of a possible formation of a storm. This is most appreciated in aviation industry where a presence of even a small turbulence can significantly affect their operations. A lightning monitor system is being developed by private companies to improve their services to the people. 

For one, Total Lightning Network provides an intelligent weather data for weather warning. Its ability to be able to monitor in-cloud lightning is an advantage for detection of localized storm alerts and other calamities such as hail, tornadoes, and downbursts. Their innovations are of great help to mankind to avoid risking lives with any unforeseen danger since an extensive warning can be done ahead. 


  1. I didnt even know that lightening detection systems existed i wonder if its just a US thing?

    1. I think not. But definitely a must to every place where they track weather system.

  2. Great post. I didn't know about there is Total Lightning Network. Interesting... I agree on weather changes that can be risky to lot of people.

  3. If something like that is here, I am pretty sure, I will be much more prepared. And so every citizen of the world. Hope something like that comes in near future.

  4. I've experienced a lightning strike while flying home. It was pretty scary but the pilot says it happens sometimes.

  5. This is an interesting post as I have learnt about the total lightening network that I did not know about. Currently with all the weather changes happening globally we have to be alert at all times.

  6. We dont have too many thunder storms in LA but I can definitely see the value of having a monitor system. You definitely cant be too relax anymore.

  7. This is a very interesting and informative post. I never knew there was a system for lightening detection but if it is there I think it is a very helpful one to keep ourselves ready for those times.

  8. It's really amazing what technology can do. I imagine this would be so helpful in places where storms are a common occurrence