Make Your Humble Abode Feel Like A Victorian Mansion

Your home may not look like a mansion from the outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate the interior to feel like one. Victorian décor is back in vogue and can be made to match any sized property. For those that love the opulent and elegant style of a Victorian home, here are a few décor tricks that can make your humble abode feel more aristocratic.

Pattern your walls
The Victorians loved their patterned wallpaper. Companies such as Bradbury & Bradbury sell many historic wallpaper designs that could help to boost the elegant feel of your home. Too much wallpaper may not suit some modern homes, but a single feature wall in a room can be ideal for creating a dramatic impact and bringing that sophisticated touch.
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Embrace crown moulding
Many 19th century homes used crown moulding as an extra decorative feature. These wooden furnishing work pretty much like skirting boards, only they join the wall to the ceiling. You can buy crown moulding from many DIY stores to fit yourself. Choose a more decorative solution to bring that extra sense of elegance to your home.

Opt for hand-carved wood furniture
Hand carved wood can also help to bring a sense of class to a room. This could be anything from a bed to a dining set to a wardrobe. Antique hand-carved furniture can often be very expensive. You may be able to emulate the same style with new hand-carved furniture. A dining set is one of the easiest ways to set the tone – you can find a nice set by Ashley furniture and many other bespoke manufacturers online. Opt for dark mahogany colours over light beech-y woods.
Buy a bureau
Bureaus were rapidly going out of style, but now they’re in again. For those with laptops, they can be a great ornate desk solution, also offering storage to hide away various pieces of desk clutter such as stationery and books. Bureaus are fairly cheap to buy – even antique ones are fairly affordable compared to other antique furnishings.
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Buy a freestanding bathtub
Another trend that is coming back in fashion is the freestanding bath. More people are favouring the breathing space that a freestanding bath gives you. You may be able to make use of chromed brass taps, giving you that touch of traditional whilst offering the resilience of modern chromium plating. Companies such as Victorian Plumbing specialise in these retro fixtures.

Add a fireplace
No traditional Victorian home could be complete without a fireplace. Rather than investing in a real one, why not buy an electric fireplace to give the illusion of real fire. Many of these offer electric heating when turned on, so that you still get the feeling of warmth that a real fireplace offers too.

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  1. I think this is a look of elegance that fits in when your home is in a location with 4 true seasons. Here in south Florida in the USA having a fireplace is not needed. But a free standing bath tub, why not? Easier to clean too!