WARNING: Parent's with Kiddos Playing Online Minecraft

Sharing very important reminder:

"Dear parents, wanted to share this incident that happened first hand to a co-parent just a few minutes ago. Let's educate our kids not to share information to strangers. We don't know what can happen.
Hi Parents,
Just want to share with you all what happened tonight. My son clark was playing minecraft using his ipad and meron cyang online voice chat. He usually play minecraft and use voice chat with children from other countries playing minecraft din. As we all know internet dami na nagagawa. Pero tonight he was chatting with this guy and i was beside him that's why i overheard the conversation. The guy sounded like 30 yrs old or something and i was wondering why would a man at this age play minecraft. Afterwards nagtagalog yung lalake so i realized pilipino yung kausap ni clark. Then the guy started to ask clark personal questions like do you have a facebook account, saan ka nakatira, ano work ng mama and papa mo, sino madalas mo kasama sa bahay and the last question was kelan wala dyan parents mo punta ako laro tayo. Thats the time na kinuha ko ipad nya and i ask the guy "ilang taon ka na?" Then he was talking to another person he said "pre katabi yung tatay."

then the other guy from the background said "ala na yan, hanap ka ng iba" then he disconnected from the game. Just want to give you all a warning especially if your children are playing online games. I'm pretty sure you all know what i'm talking about. And what could possibly happen."

FYI: This post came from a Facebook status and I am not sure who's the person who shared this but truth or not we parents should be extra careful with our kids. We need to talk to them, educate our kids about being careful talking to strangers and the possible outcome of giving out personal informations.

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