Who Are You Sharing Your Home With?

In an age where we are investing more time and money into our properties, it is not nice to envision that you may be sharing it with unwanted guests at some point. You’ve got a very slim chance of squatters coming to live in your home … that is, unless said squatters aren’t human. In fact, unless you live in a bright white single room that is wiped down every 30 seconds, there is little to no chance that you don’t have something living in your home already.

Come On, Let’s Crawl…
You probably don’t even want to think about it, but there could possibly be tiny creatures living in your bed. Dust mites and bed bugs are more common than you may think, and although it is possible to remove traces of dust mites by washing your bedding every week on a hot wash, bedbugs are a different matter entirely. If you are itching, have unexplained bite marks on your skin or a musty smell in your room that you can’t pinpoint, do a quick investigation to see if you are sharing your space with these invasive critters - they look similar to apple seeds. Vacuuming them up and placing the contents into a sealed bag will help to eliminate them, as will replacing anything that’s been heavily infested. They’re not dangerous as they cannot spread disease; they’re just an irritant to live with.

The Ugly Bug Ball
Cockroaches, on the other hand, can spread a lot of diseases. Whereas bedbugs aren’t attracted to dirt, cockroaches feast on anything from leftover food to animal droppings. Keeping a clean and uncluttered home can help in the prevention of them, but these jurassic bugs aren’t picky. You are most likely to see them going about their business during the night. As they are nocturnal, but there are signs that you can look for in the daytime that your home might be infested; they shed their skin often, leave brown marks when they walk near water and aren’t fussy about leaving their droppings wherever they go. This is one problem that will need an exterminator to make sure you are fully rid of them - luckily there are many services such as http://exterminador.24hora.org on hand to help.

Oh, Rats!
If you haven’t specifically gone to a pet store and bought them with intention, the discovery of a mouse in your home can be quite disconcerting. The old adage is that you are never more than 6 feet away from a rat, but don’t assume this to automatically mean that they are in and around your home - it is more so an indicator of how common they are. Like cockroaches, wild rats carry disease (although they are quite clean animals). If you are hearing scratching noises at night, find any droppings or notice bite marks on things such as cereal boxes and food packets, you more than likely have a rat infestation.

There is a whole host of different bugs and creatures that you could be playing host to; as long as you are one step ahead of them before they take over your home, there shouldn’t be any problems.

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