MamyPoko InstaSuot Diaper Product Review: Best Tender Care Diaper for the Buck

Like any other parent, I always want the best care and protection for my daughter. From the food, she eats, the clothes she wears and even the other necessities she uses every day. My daughter is currently at the age 4, and she's still using a diaper at night, and even we go out on a trip or whenever we go to the mall. From newborn up to the age of 3, she wears a diaper with brand X until I found about MamyPoko diapers. It was first introduced to me by a friend who recommended me to check on the product and thankfully it's already available in the supermarket that time (last year). 

I am honestly a bit hesitant to try a new product for my daughter because I am afraid of the reaction of her skin to the MamyPoko diaper. I searched for the product information and feedbacks online then I decided to try it to my daughter. Thank God! It's worth my money. Though MamyPoko is a bit pricey compared to other diaper brands, it gives me the peace of mind while my daughter is asleep or even actively playing because it has excellent absorbency, leak-free and durable. 
my lovely daughter holding a MamyPoko Extra Soft Diaper Pants for Girls XL, 12's 
I receive an email from Lazada last month that I am included on their MamyPoko Seeding for bloggers. I got the sample of the new MamyPoko Extra Soft Diaper Pants for Girls in the size of XL. My daughter is very excited to use the diaper because it looks like a panty. Yay! She giggles on the first time I put it on to her. The diaper is packed in a cute handy plastic bag. It is very absorbent, comfortable to wear and has adorable Winnie the Pooh print on the front and back. It keeps her dry all night and no rash at all! 



My daughter now only uses 1 diaper a day, so I decided to stick with MamyPoko until she decides not to wear diapers anymore. It would be much convenient for me to carry this kind of diaper especially on a trip since it's easy to wear and comes in soft materials. 

MamyPoko is a no.1 diaper brand in Japan. In partnership with Lazada Philippines, you can now order MamyPoko though http://www.lazada.com.ph/mamypoko-official-store/.  Avail products with big discount and selected products come with FREE items.

MamyPoko Pants | Tong Tong Dance, 46 seconds

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