Be Our Guest! Creating A Gorgeous Guest Bedroom

With a little good luck and a lot of hard work, any space in your home can be converted into a guest bedroom. Going over a home and making every room perfect is a project for most people that brings a lot of satisfaction. Knowing your home is everything you hoped it would be can make you feel pride: and there’s nothing wrong with that!
There may have been a time where changing the kids’ bedrooms every couple of years was your hobby. However, they grow up and fly from the nest which can leave you with empty bedrooms covered in teenage posters and splashes of hot pink paint on the walls. To be able to create a stylish guest bedroom, you have to look past what it used to be and visualise the possibilities.

If your children were fortunate enough to have an en-suite bathroom, you’re one step ahead with your guest room. You’ll need to pretty much repaint or repaper the walls, change the curtains out for something simple and yet chic, and check out the floors. Once the furniture has been moved out of the room, you’ll have a better idea of what you’re looking at as a whole and you can really start to plan. Ideally, your teens have left their bedrooms straightened up so that no exterminators need to be called in due to old plates under the bed. If not, let’s get them on speed dial too!
What size is the room you’re working on? How much natural light does it have? These questions are going to come up during the planning stages and it’s going to be down to whether you even have guests stay that often as to how you plan to change it. The ideal guest bedroom has lots of natural light, bright walls and soft rugs. Replacing any old carpets with a new wooden floor will be a good idea as well, due to it being far easier to maintain cleanliness. Soft, thick rugs that you can sink your feet into will be an added touch to the bedroom. If the room is quite small, you could swap a full sized bed for a sofa bed and have the room as a study when it’s not being used as a guest space. Going for a neutral colour theme with the walls and curtains means that people of all ages can feel comfortable staying. Pictures on the walls can be swapped over through the year to add a seasonal touch.
For you as the person who would be maintaining the guest room, you need something low maintenance and easy to clean. You don’t want to have to dust in there every single day so choose minimalist furnishings and bedding that goes on when guests stay and is easily changed. Your teens may feel like you’ve replaced them with a waffle blanket and cream walls, but now they’ve flown the nest the room is yours to do what you like. Time to be creative!

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