Commit To Be Fit: Tips And Tricks To Help You Obtain That Healthy Lifestyle You Deserve

January is in full swing, and it is notoriously known for being the most popular time of year where people consider changing their lifestyles and becoming more healthy. Whether that has much to do with the new year resolutions thing, or perhaps people have overindulged during the festive season, it now seems to be the time where people shift their mindset to think more about their lifestyle choices.

It’s understandable why January appears to be the perfect month to set yourself goals and make changes, it enables you to be more accountable having wiped the slate clean for a fresh new year and motivation. But being healthy is a lifestyle, and takes commitment. So if you want to commit to being fit and get more healthy then here are some of the tips and tricks to help you along with your journey.


Set yourself realistic goals
One of the first things you need to do is set yourself some realistic goals. One of the main questions to be asking yourself would be what your motivation actually is to be fit and healthy? Is it to lose weight and lower your body mass index? Is it to better your health as you struggle to tackle running up the stairs yet alone a jog around your local park? Or is it just to have an increase in energy levels and improve the way you look and feel? All of which are perfect motivations to set yourself on the right track for changing your lifestyle. But the problem is that they can be quite big goals, and without the motivation of achieving your targets you could soon become disheartened. So while the big goal is important, make sure you set yourself reachable targets to help you along the way. Smashing those goals will only increase your desire to succeed.


Find an exercise that you enjoy
Many people set out with good intentions, but if you don’t enjoy what you are doing, you are less likely to stick at it long term. This is why it is important to find an exercise you enjoy doing. One of the main things to remember is that you don’t need to be in the gym every day, or pumping the weights or running on the treadmill. It can be as simple as making a choice to move more. So walking to places instead of driving, or getting outdoors more often and enjoying nature. Of course, if you love the gym then stick with what you enjoy doing. Perhaps trying new classes or swimming to mix things up a little.

Make sure you have the right kit
It’s important to remember that while you are embarking on a new exercise regime, that you are wearing the right equipment to keep your body and muscles protected. This is especially important for your choice of footwear. The last thing anyone wants is an injury during your first few weeks as this could actually hinder your success and also your motivation to continue.


It’s not just about exercise, diet is important as well
Many people think that if you take regular exercise, then you can eat what you like. Of course, a little of what you fancy in moderation will never be a bad thing. But consistently fueling your body with junk or sugar is not going to help improve your health or your lifestyle, no matter how much exercise you take. While diets are not a sustainable way of losing weight, ensuring we nourish our bodies with what it needs is. This means considering a balanced diet or trying alternative diet options like clean eating or the Paleo diet. Three balanced meals a day is a good rule of thumb to abide by, but ensure you keep your energy levels stocked up with healthy snacks in between. There are some fantastic options for Paleo snacks online if you do your research.

Keep your body hydrated
I think we would be a fool to say anything other than water being a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. But while so many of us know this fact to be true, we still don’t drink as much as we should. Water is a natural detox that can flush out any bad toxins in your body. It keeps our bodies cool, but also works wonders for things like our skin tone, our mood, and energy levels, and can even offer you a better quality of sleep. This has a lot to do with your brain staying hydrated, as much of what we do and feel comes from this part of our body. It can be so tempting to hit the vending machine for a can of your favorite beverage but try and combat the temptation by keeping a water bottle close by.


Get someone to embark on the fitness journey with you
It can be a lonely journey when you just have yourself for motivation. Of course, I appreciate that everyone can feel differently, but it’s worth having someone on the healthy lifestyle journey with you. A fitness pal can be an amazing support for when you are feeling like you are having a bad day, and can motivate you to keep on going during the toughest moments of exercise. This could be a close friend, your partner or even a family member. This can work really well if you live with the person you are training with. Especially for when you are cooking meals, or don’t want to get up for that morning workout.

Keep a positive mindset
Finally, nothing will keep you motivated as much as your mindset. So if you have a habit of thinking negatively try and rid yourself of this for good. Negative thinking will only make you question what you are doing, and whether it is really worth it. Whereas having a positive mindset will enable you to keep your end goal in sight and remind you of the reasons why you are doing all this hard work and making the changes in the first place.

I hope these tips and tricks help you along the way in your new healthy lifestyle journey.

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