Are You Ready For Marriage? Here's How You'll Know

After you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you might start to think about the M word, matrimony. You start to think that this could be real and consider what it would be like to settle down, maybe even raise a family. But how do you know when you are ready to walk down that aisle without getting cold feet? What are the key signs that you should take the first step towards a shared life, a family, and parenthood?

Daydreaming About Engagement

If you find yourself constantly daydreaming about getting engaged, that’s a sure sign that you are ready for marriage. You might already be searching online looking at different rings. Perhaps you’re browsing sites where you can buy verragio rings online, or maybe you want one custom made. The question you need to think about is whether your partner is at the same stage. You may want to breach the topic of marriage subtly and see what their reaction is like. Of course, it can be disappointing to learn that it’s not yet something they are considering. But it’s best to know what stage you’re both at. You just need to try and make sure that you don’t ruin a proposal already in the pipeline.

Nailed Living Together

One of the biggest changes about getting married is that it means that you are completely committed to one person. The main example of this is that you will be living together, sharing a home. However, you might already be doing this. If you are, marriage and the commitments tied to it shouldn’t worry you at all. Very little will change and if it does, you’ll be causing the changes yourself by thinking about things differently. Trust me, you’ve probably already dealt with most of the major arguments such as leaving the toilet seat up and not doing the dishes.

More Than Two Years Together

After two years, if you think there’s any reason to wait, you’re kidding yourself. At that point, either you want to be together forever, or you don’t. If there’s no sign that marriage is on the horizon, there might be a problem. Of course, it’s possible that your partner wants to stay together but has no interest in marriage. However, after two or three years you will already be aware of this. If they do want to get married but have never suggested they want to marry you, maybe you should think about where the relationship is going.

Ready To Settle Down
Finally, once you get married, you’ll find that life starts to move very quickly. You’ll come back from the honeymoon, and suddenly you’ll be looking at buying a small house. After that, you might think about starting to try for the sound of pattering feet. Then you’ll be looking for a bigger house, and before long you’ll be celebrating your second child’s first birthday. Are you ready for life to go into warp speed or is there more you want to do while you still can? Parenthood and marriage doesn’t grind your life to a half, but it will limit what you can do, and you have to be ready for that.

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