The Gadgets And Apps That Will Help Keep Your Kids Entertained

There’s a lot to do as a Mom.

If your kids want pasta for dinner - you’ve got to buy all the ingredients and make some pasta. If your children want to play soccer, you’ve got to ferry them to the park, watch them run around and then ferry them back. If your kids want to form a band, you’ve got to buy all the instruments that they will use once before getting bored.

It’s tough, and you’ve got to do it all!

Thankfully, the 21st century has presented us with ways and methods to keep our children busy and entertained. From apps to books, to toys and gadgets - there’s plenty of affordable solutions on offer!

Let’s take a look at cooking first. It’s a good idea to get your kids comfortable with the kitchen. Let them experiment with food and teach them cooking techniques early on. This might improve their dietary habits, and if you make it fun, they won’t distract you when you are making dinner as it’s a lesson for them! There are plenty of good cooking apps on the app store - with big and bright pictures of nice dinners. Let them have a browse.

If you want to plan a day out - Google Maps on your phone is a great way to get around and find new things to do. It’s got a great directory of activities, so you’ll always have a new spot to visit with your kids.

Music is such an important part of our lives, and you should get your kids to discover their favorites before the charts and adverts tell them who to listen to! Spotify has thousands of curated playlists. Just make sure you get some headphones before Bieber is being blasted around the house! iPads are great for this and if the music isn’t their thing - the app store even offers plenty of board games if you don’t have anything stored in your home.

Films are a great option to distract the kids - ShowBox (https://getshowboxapp.com) has a huge back catalog of movies and films waiting to go - so your kids can watch the films they want to watch! There are good parental controls, but we all know what is going to happen - they are going to put the Marvel films like The Avengers on repeat for weeks. As long as they are happy!

A good video game console will keep your kids busy when you have things to do - a PS4, or Xbox One are the main choices right now, so let your kids decide the option they want. The PS4 can also link up with some devices, meaning it can be played without a TV.

Tablet computers also offer an excellent drawing surface for the budding artist. It’s basically unlimited paper and any artist tool you could imagine. Let your kids go wild with their imagination. You can ever share their more creative designs online.

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