How to Take Care of Your Dog

So, the kids keep asking if they can have a puppy and you’re starting to cave. But, in the back of your mind is the nagging feeling that you don’t need an extra responsibility. If you’ve never owned a dog before, the world of raising a puppy can seem daunting. They do require time and effort, especially during their puppy phase. So, is your family ready to take on the responsibility of having a dog? Here’s a list of what dogs need.

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Owning a dog isn’t just about bringing it home. In many cases, you’ll have to spend quite a bit to get your puppy set up. Your puppy will need to be registered or microchipped to your name and address. You’ll also have to get your puppy a collar and tag in case it goes wandering and someone wants to return it. You’ll need to purchase things like a bed, food and water bowls and blankets. Puppies will also need training and distraction from nipping people. Toys and treats are good for this.

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Keep Your Dog Healthy
Your dog will have to be groomed regularly to maintain its coat and nail length. If you’re on a budget, you can do this yourself at home by investing in some dog clippers. It’s also important to keep your dog vaccinated from things like a kennel cough and keep up with flea and worming treatments. If fleas do enter your home, you may want to search for who to call for pest control.

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Your dog will require attention, especially while it’s still a puppy. You will be responsible for toilet training, training it to walk on a lead, training it to interact with other dogs and humans properly and much more. Dogs tend to pick up on these things quickly with positive and reward training. You’ll need to walk your dog as often as possible and play games at home. Your dog needs physical and mental stimulation, just like us.

Be Patient
Your dog may have mishaps. It may have toilet accidents in the house and you may find a few of your shoes eaten. The children may find some of their toys go missing and visitors might get jumped on. It’s all part and parcel of dog ownership. If you’re finding that your dog is particularly destructive, it may be because he/she is bored or has separation anxiety. How long will you have to leave your new dog alone? If it’s only for a few hours, you could consider using distraction toys like treat puzzles. If you have to leave a dog alone all day, you may need to rethink whether having a dog is a good idea.

A dog can be a loving companion. There’s a reason they’re called man’s best friend. They’re loyal, caring and intuitive. They’re also protective when it comes to their families. If you’re willing to give a dog everything it needs, bringing a dog into your home could be the best decision you ever make.

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