5 Minute Skin Routine for the Girl on the Go

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I have a question for those of you who set their alarms for 6 AM so that you have enough time to go jogging, walk the dog, have breakfast and prepare a dashing clothing combo for the day… do you set aside 5 minutes of your time to care for your skin? I think not.

Fine, you probably do put on some makeup to mask those bags under your eyes (or even a pimple that was not there last night!). Since getting up before dawn will disturb your beauty sleep, we have a beauty routine you can incorporate into your busy morning and prevent any imperfections from appearing in the first place.

1st minute: cleansing

Which basically means washing your face; although the advice might seem a bit redundant, what we actually wish to emphasize is the fact that there is no need for expensive cleaning products or makeup removers. Washing your skin with lukewarm water every morning is the most effective way of keeping it hydrated. Still, if you want to up your cleansing routine, reach for the natural cleansers which will remove oils and makeup residue. Soap-free cleansers are also recommended since their non-irritating formula keeps your skin smooth.

2nd minute: moisturizing

For a softer and more supple skin, take a minute of your time to put one a bit of facial moisturizer, not just on your face, but neck as well. Especially in the summer, the moisturizer you opt for should contain SPF, and for the gals in their 20s, anti-aging formulas are recommended as well. Even if you don’t have a sensitive skin, it’s better to use hypo-allergenic moisturizers since they don’t contain any fragrances.

3rd minute: retinoid

Well, this one actually saves you a minute of a morning skin care routine, since retinoid should be applied in the evening after you are certain you won’t be exposing your skin to the sun anymore. It is one of the most effective weapons you will need in the battle for youth since it regulates epithelial cell growth and helps decrease wrinkles and fine lines. Furthermore, it is an effective cure for those who struggle with psoriasis or acne. Note that you should not damp you face in retinoid – use it only three times a week in a pea-size amount, and just two times a week under your eyes to remove the dark circles.

4th minute: makeup

The makeup you opt for on a daily basis will determine when exactly you are going to look at your reflection in the mirror and see the first line, which will mark the beginning of a new era. Always go for organic makeup, since the synthetic one will quickly take a toll on your skin. Products made of natural minerals will keep your skin healthy and are also known to provide a certain level of sun protection. They will not dehydrate your skin and will keep you protected all day long. Numerous experts suggest mink lash extensions instead of putting on heavy mascara in the morning; and it’s not just healthier – it will save you a couple of minutes, too!

5th minute: pack blotting towels

Girls who leave their home early in the morning, rush from one meeting to another and get to take off their makeup late at night should always carry a pack of blotting towels in their purse. If you notice you’ve put on a bit more powder or concealer – just dab it off; if there is extra shine on your face – just dab it off. These really won’t take up much space and will help you maintain fresh and cleansed face the entire day.

Just count to five and you’re ready – when we put it this way, there’s really no good excuse for not taking the time to care for your skin. Come on now, put on a bit of retinoid and hit the sack, it’s time for your beauty sleep.

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