The Ultimate Property Viewing Checklist

When some people go to view a home, they are in and out in just a few minutes. If you think that this may be the place that you spend the next couple of decades of your life, you start to realize just how crazy this is! Even if you have found a property that seems to be in an ideal neighborhood and one that ticks all the right boxes, it is certainly worth taking a closer look. But the question remains: what are you actually looking for? Well, here is a handy checklist that will help you determine whether you are buying the right property for you.

How Much Storage Space is Available?
Many people focus on the main rooms of the house but don’t consider how much storage space is available. If you have a lot of possessions, your home could fill up very quickly if you don’t have adequate room to keep everything. We all know that the number of possessions that you have increased massively when you have kids, so having areas to store all their toys is essential! If storage space is limited, take a closer look whether there is room for some shelves or cupboards to be built in.

Which Way is the House Facing?
If you view the house during the winter, you will probably notice less how much light and warmth is naturally entering the property. But the direction that your property is facing can make a huge difference during the summer months. Luckily, you can download smartphone compass apps so you don’t have to bring one along with you when you are viewing the property! This important factor is certainly something that you don’t want to overlook.

Are the Rooms Big Enough?

If the house is full of furniture, it can be tricky to think about whether the rooms are big enough or not. But make sure you look around each room long enough to imagine what it would look like when you put your own stamp on the place. If you have young kids, it is worth deciding with them which rooms could be their bedrooms. Remember that they are growing quickly and you don’t want them to not have enough space in just a couple of years time.

Are There Any Major Warning Signs?
The last thing you want is to move into a house only to find that there are some major problems with the place. Look out for any obvious warning signs of damp such as a mouldy smell, flaking plaster or watermarked walls or ceilings. Also, watch out for any signals that the house may not be structurally sound such as hairline cracks. If you have any doubts and can’t tell whether it is a problem or not, you may decide to hire a surveyor who can give you an expert opinion.

Is There Room for Improvement?
For many people, a house is always work-in-progress. If you are going to live in a place for a long period of time, you may want to add an extension or build a conservatory at some point, so it is worth checking if there are any opportunities to do this. If there is an attic or a basement, it is worth seeing if you have the option to convert these into extra bedrooms or maybe even a playroom for the kids.

Have You Been Fooled by the Staging?

Remember, when people go to view a property, estate agents put in as much effort as they can to make the place seem desirable. This could include well-placed mirrors, clever lighting, delicious smells or just a lick of paint. Though it is nice to view a good-looking property, don’t let this throw you off-course and make sure you have all your questions answered when you are going around.

Does the Garden Meet Your Requirements?
When people are looking for a family home, the size of the garden is often right near the top of the list. Though it is nice to have a good amount of space for the kids to enjoy, you still need to think about how much work will be required to maintain the area. Again, look at the potential for improvements in the future. If it doesn’t already have a decking or patio area, you may want to consider where you could put one.  

What is the Area Like?
A lot of people become too focused on what the house or condo for sale is like and don’t think too much about the surrounding area. You should think about how safe the area seems and whether there are other young families also living nearby. You should also consider what sort of facilities are nearby (parks, schools, cafes, restaurants etc) and whether you would always need your car or if you could walk to get to local amenities. After you have viewed the property, it is worth simply walking around the area to get a better impression of the neighbourhood.

How Much Work Will You Need to Do?

We have already talked about the work that you may want to do in the future, but you also need to think about what needs to be done. When you are buying a property, you will have a figure in mind but you need to consider how much extra you will need to spend to do any improvement work. As well as this, you need to factor in whether the property comes with utilities already included or whether you will need to buy everything.

Have You Checked that Everything is Working?
If you go around the house and find that some things aren’t working (light switches, taps etc) you need to get some answers why not. If it is a simple problem, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue but if there is a bigger problem, you need to know about it before buying. Again, make sure you quiz the estate agent and the answers you get are satisfactory.   

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