Exhausted? How to Get Your Bounce Back

Everyone has days when they feel utterly exhausted, and it can be difficult just to get to the end. Sometimes, it's more than a day, and you have a period of utter exhaustion. When this happens, finding the time and ability to take a break and get some proper rest isn't easy, but it can be done. When you finally get a spare moment to yourself, you might be a bit unsure about what to do. If you're used to being busy all the time, having some spare time feels a bit foreign. Here are some of the things you should do first if you're exhausted and need to get your energy back.

Take Care of the Kids First
When you're a mom, getting some time completely to yourself can be a rare occurrence. Sometimes it happens accidentally, but often you need to make it happen. If you need a rest, you can think of a few ways to get rid of the kids for a few hours. If you're a single mom, they could go to their dad's for the day. They can also visit other family or even their favorite family friends. Another option is to send them out with one of their friends if you can talk their parents into taking your kids for a while. Or perhaps there's an activity they can do on their own, such as a class or club.

Have a Long Bath (or Shower)
Once you've got some time on your own, think about what might help you to relax. Even though you're really tired, you sometimes need a little help letting go of all your stress. For many people, a long soak in the tub or just a long shower can help them to start feeling a bit more human again. If you're having a bath, add some candles or some nice scents to the room to make everything more relaxing. In the shower, you can still use scented shower gel and shampoo. Relaxing music can be a good idea too, just as long as you have a waterproof speaker.

Veg on the Sofa
It's not often that you get a chance to simply do nothing. So if you have some time to yourself, you can plant yourself on the sofa and not move all night. Get changed into something super comfortable, maybe even a women's onesie, and settle in. You can do whatever you want, whether it's watching a movie, reading a book or listening to music or a podcast. Whichever activity you feel requires as little concentration as possible.

Get an Early Night
If you're really tired, you need to go to sleep. When you've got the opportunity, an early night in bed can help you to catch up on the hours of sleep you might have lost recently. If it's so early that it's still light out, you might want to wear a sleep mask or put an extra cover over your bedroom window. A pair of earplugs can help you block out noise too.

Everyone needs to stop for a rest sometimes - even busy moms. If you're exhausted, you need to find a way to get a break.


  1. These are great tips, thanks for sharing! As a stay at home mom I pretty much never have privacy or time to myself. I really need to start trying to find the time to take care of me again.

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