Home Renovations That Are Well Worth The Effort

Renovating a home is no walk in the park. Along with the cost, you often have to deal with planning permission, and run the risk of coming across problems such as asbestos and structural issues. Not to mention the fact that you’re mostly living on a building site while the work is being completed- noise, mess and the general hassle that comes from workmen coming and going. However, renovating your home can be well worth it. It makes it more valuable and also more practical too. Our needs can change over the years, and a home that once seemed perfect can quickly feel small and cramped when a few kids and pets come along. Maybe you have a hobby or have started working from home and need the extra room? Either way, here are just a few home renovations that are well worth the effort.

Older streets and homes were built long before lots of people owned cars, and for that reason don’t have any off-road parking. Parking your car on the street bumps up your insurance, and can also increase the risk of damage and theft too. When we spend so much buying, maintaining and running our cars, it makes sense that we don’t just want to leave them on the street. If you have space at the front or side of your property consider a garage construction. Ideal for making sure your precious motor is safe and secure overnight and gives you peace of mind when you go on holiday too.
Loft or Basement Conversion
If your home has a loft of basement space that's not currently being utilised, you’re wasting a huge amount of space. A loft could give you a huge bedroom with space for a large ensuite- ideal for a bedroom, guest room, office or studio. A basement makes an ideal teenage hangout, games room or even an additional living space if it’s converted well. Perfect if you’re starting to feel like you’re running out of room in your home. Living on top of each other can cause arguments, so this is one way to ease tension without having to move.
Conservatories are good renovations to consider since you don’t usually need planning permission. You could use it to extend your kitchen or living area and make it look bigger and brighter. Or you could use to create a separate ‘room’ for dining or even an extra living space. Modern conservatories use special glass which means they don’t get too hot in summer or cold in winter. Of course, the correct blinds will help to keep it at the right temperature, but they’re no longer the draughty old greenhouse style lean-to’s they used to be years ago. If you have a fairly large garden but need space inside the home, this is a good option to consider.
Are you planning on any home renovations this year? What would you love to have done if money was no object?

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