5 Habits To Help You Become More Likeable

Being liked has to be one of the most universal and desirable character traits ever. We all want to be liked. We may accept that we won’t be liked by everyone all of the time, but we still want to be liked by someone all of the time. It is great for our confidence, our self-esteem, self-worth, and self-care, all of which we want to teach our kids because all of these are great for your health. And what’s more important than that (spoiler alert: nothing).

But what makes someone likeable?
You’ve probably wondered this before because, well, we all know someone that is impossible not to like. Those people you can’t wait to bump into on Monday morning, those bubbly spirits that lift your mood and are always optimistic and sociable. Well, to help you be a little more like them while also remaining exactly who you are, we’ve made a list of likeable people’s most amazing habits.
They Let Things Go
Letting things go is one of the most amazing habits all likeable people have. It’s like they know full well that no good can come from holding a grudge. Who would have thunk it, right? Not only that, they are aware that nobody wins in an argument. If you lose, you lose, and if you win, you lose. It’s that simple. So next time you feel a grudge being held, remember the seven things on this list http://elitedaily.com/life/culture/7-reasons-need-forget-hold-grudges/, and remember to be the bigger person and let go.
They Make Others Feel Great
Even the teeniest-tiniest compliment can go a long way. That is one of the best habits of likeable people. They make people smile by being nice and the exact opposite of self-centered, and that makes people like them. People hold a grudge because they remember something nasty that was said about them. People smile at likeable people because they remember something lovely being said.
The Sleep Like A Log
This may be a weird thing to say, but those people that are likeable, easy-going and trusting sleep like a log. They sleep on their sides with their arms straight down the side. That’s what this survey here http://www.sleepjunkie.org/what-does-your-sleep-position-mean/ concluded with. Now whether it could help you to become more likeable to sleep like this, who knows, but it could be fun to find out what your sleeping habit means about you. If you’re really on the button, you could use this feedback to make a few changes and become more likeable.
They Always Take A Genuine Interest In Others
Pretty much all people have a BS detector, and so they can detect when someone is not being genuine. This is not an attractive trait to have. Instead, start taking a genuine interest in people. Take a genuine interest in them, what they have been up to, their problems and anything else. The more genuine you are, the more people will be able to count on you and that is what makes someone likeable. They are dependable because they are genuine.
They Know They Don’t Know Everything
The quickest way to become disliked is to act like you know it all. So don’t pretend you do. Likeable people never act like they have all the answers, and they never give their input where it isn’t needed. It’s just annoying and annoying isn’t a path that leads directly to likedville. So, start knowing when your wisdom is needed, and know when it is better to keep your head down. Now watch your Facebook friends list grew quicker than asparagus in spring.

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