The Makeup Artist Tricks That Will Change Your Life

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If you’ve ever wondered why A-listers always look so well-made-up, it isn’t because they have a natural talent for makeup, it’s because they have professional makeup artists working their magic on them day in day out.

So, if you want to look as good as Amy Adams, Kendall Jenner or Scarlett Johansson, you need to check out these makeup artist tricks that will change your life:

Use Embryolisse Moisturizer
Most professional makeup artists have one thing in common – they all use Embryolisse’s moisturizing product Lait-Crème Concentre to create a base that is soft, smooth and radiant. If you do the same, your skin will look healthier than it has in a long time.

Use Eye Drops to Reduce Redness
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Eye drops are great at getting rid of redness, whether in the eye area or on other parts of the face. Just apply a small amount of the liquid to a cotton swab and dab on any blemishes, pimples or red puffy areas for almost immediate relief.

Use FX Makeup for Bold Colors
The best FX makeup brands like Mehron FX makeup can be used as part of your everyday beauty routine, and they are perfect for creating dramatic, bold looks that will last all day. So, if you’re fed up of color that fades in a few hours, add some FX makeup to your kit and hourly touch-ups will be a thing of the past.

Peach and Apricot Primers Add Warmth
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Every professional makeup artist knows that using peach or apricot primers will instantly bring dull skin to life, adding warmth to the complexion. Such primers are particularly good at warming up the dark skin, but most skin tones can benefit from a touch of peach.

Primer, Powder, Foundation
Most of us apply primer followed by foundation and then powder if we are using it at all, but one thing that makeup artists all know is that adding powder between primer and foundation is a better way to lock in your primer and keep your makeup in place. The key is to use only a small amount of translucent powder.

Always Use a BeautyBlender
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Another thing that all makeup artists have in common is that they are never without their BeautyBlender. If you want to create a look that is contoured, flawless and high-definition, using one of these miracle makeup sponges is an absolute must, that will stop makeup from appearing too heavy and give you a smooth, fresh finish.

Use HD Powder Sparingly
A lot of girls think that applying lots of HD powder will provide them with the flawless celebrity look they long for, but it can actually have the opposite effect, making them look like they have a face caked in bad makeup. If you want to use HD powder effectively, stick to applying small amounts to oily areas like the T-zone, and you’ll avoid the white look.

Grow Your Brows with Castor Oil
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If your brows are thin and sparse, take a tip from the makeup artists and start applying castor oil to the affected area each night. The omega fatty acids contained in the oil will help to stimulate growth and give you the face-framing lashes you dream of. Or you can even try to have a lashboost here to boost your eyelash growth.


  1. thank you. at nearly 40 iam new to makeup, so i need all the help i can get

  2. Great tips...I have never few of them..hope to try it soon....