Four Surprisingly Easy Ways To Give Your Kitchen A New Lease Of Life

When you have a house full of hungry mouths to feed, keeping the kitchen clean and tidy can take up a large percentage of your day. It’s a room you, likely, spend a fair amount of time in, between cooking healthy meals, cleaning, and making lunches. So it needs to be a room you want to spend your time in. Fashions come and go so a kitchen which hasn’t seen a splash of paint or new furniture for a while can start to look outdated. And most of us don’t have thousands of dollars to throw at an entire kitchen refit every five years. Here are just a few cheap and easy ways to give your kitchen a new lease of life, without the price tag.

1. Throw in a splash of color
Many older kitchens are serious proponents of the cream and beige color scheme, which has started to look outdated in recent years. A monochromatic scheme is a more timeless look, but a splash of color can really help to give it an extra zing and bring fun and energy to space. Painting a wall with a funky bright shade is a simple way to achieve this look, but adding colored tiles as a splashback behind your work surfaces is also a modern and simple look. While you could pay a professional tiler if you have a bit of spare time and some patience, get yourself a tile cutter and all the requisite materials and give it a go. You never know, you might have a talent you never knew you had.

2. Add some metallic accents
Chrome and copper accents are all the rage now and will make the kitchen (and bathrooms) look particularly elegant and modern. It’s excessive to suggest that you might replace all of your appliances with shiny chrome electrics, but some of your smaller accessories are all it takes. Kitchen towel holders, spatulas, and spoons - anything which is hung on the wall or displayed on the countertop, can add a real modern look, and they’re still entirely functional.

3. Spruce up your countertops
Rather than completely refitting your kitchen, if your cupboards are still in perfectly good nick, you can make the illusion of a refit by sanding and repainting wooden cupboard doors, and keep the cost limited to new surfaces. A marble or marble effect surface is timeless, hard-wearing, classic, and beautiful, but any new surface will add the illusion of a complete refit.

4. Renovate your dining furniture
If your home contains a kitchen/diner, one way to bring a new lease of life to the room is the renovate the furniture. Entirely new dining furniture can be costly, but sandpaper, paint, and varnish cost a fraction of the price. Yes, it might be time-consuming, but you’re guaranteed a fresh new look. Even a new table cloth (polka dots for the win!) can bring a new energy to a room which is starting to look a little dated.

Giving your kitchen a new lease of life doesn’t have to cost the earth, just a few small changes can bring it right up to date to create a room that you love spending time in.

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  1. These are great ideas, thanks for sharing!! I can't wait to own my own house someday so I can do what I want to my kitchen! :)