10 Ways Mothers Can Relax

When you’ve got kids, and a husband, and a job, and pets, it can be hard to find time to breathe, never mind relax. There’s so much to do in a day, that the thought of getting time for yourself can seem like a distant dream. However, we all know that you need to be your best you in order to give others your best. So, you need to have time out to be a good mother, a good wife and produce the best work. But, how do you do it? Here are some ways for mothers to relax.


Have a Hot Drink
If you can only find five minutes in the day, use it for a cup of tea and your favorite snack. Or coffee, or herbal tea…alright, why not a glass of wine. The point is if five minutes is all you get, make the most of it. Sit down, stare into space and sip on something that tastes good. You’ll be surprised how five minutes of ‘me time’ can refresh you.

Lavender Essential Oil
The whole point of Lavender is to relax you. Use it in a candle burner in the bedroom before you go to bed or place two drops on the underside of your pillow so you breathe it in while you sleep. You can also use a few drops in your bath or rub a drop into your chest after you come out of the shower. The essential oil has ways of switching off your brain and calming your body, so it’s worth investing in a few bottles.


You may think that exercise will just tire you out more. When you come home from a day at work and the kids are asking you questions and dinner needs to be cooked, you may wonder where you can get the extra energy from. Exercise is the perfect solution. Not only will it boost your energy enough to get the last chores of the day done, but it will also relax your body ready for a good night’s sleep.


Whether you meditate at a yoga class or in your home alone, it’s a great excuse for ten minutes peace and quiet. Meditation is a way of bringing your mind to a place of peace. The aim is to empty your head of all your worries, all your to-do lists and all of your plans. Just sit and be there in the moment so you give your mind and body a chance to take a breather. This can be difficult for busy mothers, but the rewards are so worth it.

Write a To-Do List
As mother’s it’s easy to get stressed out because there’s so much you’re responsible. We often carry our to-do lists around in our heads, which means there a constant stream of alarm bells going off in your mind. You need to drop some of those balls. By writing a to-do list you have the chance to empty your mind of worries. Put what you need to do down on paper or get yourself a kitchen chalk board. If you’re worried you may forget vital things, set an alarm with a note on your phone.


Do Something You Love
What you love will always relax you. It’s important you take some time for yourself though, so do it without the kids. Read your favourite magazine, read a new book or watch some TV. You could even plan a date night with your husband and catch an adult movie for once. How about relaxing over a candlelit meal in a restaurant? Or sometimes, a nice evening walk with a friend is enough to lift your spirits.

Bathroom Time
Getting more than five minutes alone in the bathroom is rare when you have children. When you really need it, let your husband know you’re going for a long soak and lock the door. Some women prefer a quick shower, where they get to wash all the shampoo out of their hair, and some women go the full hog and get the music, candles and bubble bath at the ready. Here are the pros and cons for a shower vs bath. Whatever you do, don’t feel guilty for enjoying it.

Plan Ahead
It may not sound like fun, but planning ahead for the week can ensure you have time to relax. Try using your Sunday to plan meals for the week ahead, including lunches. You may want to make some freezable meals like lasagne so you don’t have to do much prep when you get home from a long day. You can also chop up veg and freeze it so it’s ready for roasting when you need to get your vitamins.

Count to 10
When it comes to kids, there are often times when you can feel like your blood is boiling. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and it’s easy to lose your temper. When you feel like you’re about to snap, close your eyes, breathe and count to 10. It may not sound like much, but it can do wonders for your blood pressure and it will lead to a better relationship with all family members.


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help
As a mother, there will be times when you need help. Whether you need your partner to make the kids dinner or you need your mother to stay for a while when the whole family gets sick, asking for help doesn’t mean you’ve failed. You don’t have to do everything all alone. If you’ve got a willing family and a good bunch of friends, half of your battle is already fought.

Once you’ve figured out ways of relaxing, life becomes much easier. You can’t look after everybody else when you’re running on empty so make sure you get the down time you deserve. They say that being a mother is one of the hardest jobs in the world, so why shouldn’t you be rewarded for your challenging work. You’re doing a fantastic job, after all!


  1. It's so true that, as women, we all need to invest in looking after ourselves if we are to be of any good in supporting others we care about. Great list of practical things that we can all do to help revitalize ourselves so that we can return to do what we need to in a positive way.

  2. That's one great post!
    Being a mother myself, I know how tiring it can be sometimes and you need something to calm down. Every way mentioned is a good one ��

  3. Fantastic advise that all mums need to read and follow for sure.

    1. yes indeed. moms deserves to relax so that she can function well at home

  4. I find that a hot drink like mint tea or hot chocolate is great for mums who need to relax. Meditation is a good point as well x

  5. Great post! And I thought being a mom was easy! Haha. Hevertheless, despite the stress and exhaustion, motherhood is a blessing I am truly thankful for. The hugs, kisses, and I love yous are the rewards I get everyday. I am still able to squeeze in some "me" time to read a book, and pray, and have my hot cup of coffee in the mornning. :)

  6. Very nice post and great advice. I am sure it will be very helpful for all the mothers out there!

  7. Great ideas. I am a stickler for tea. Peppermint tea to be exact, the aroma and taste are so soothing, with a bit of honey, oh my. I go for walks whenever the weather permits, considering I am here in Texas, summer months make that a bit impossible. Great post.

  8. The to do list is vital for me to be honest with you. Maybe one of the most important things I do. I have to be honest about that. ~ http://viabella-thebeautifullife.blogspot.com/

  9. I feel guilty when I allow stress into my life but it happens. My relaxation ideas include: music, hancrafts (I literally take out clothes from my wardrobe and think how I can transform them) and long walks. Kisses