Just Add Water: Cute Ideas For Kids Bathrooms

While we may think of the bathroom as being a functional space that doesn't mean it has to be boring! Bright colors, cool designs, and outrageous accessories are much more likely to lure kids to brush their teeth, wash their hands and take a bath more than a plain, minimalist room would. Don't forget kids love to be able to feel and touch the stuff so try to include as much tactile furniture, interactive storage areas, and fun extras as you can.

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DIY Toothbrush Shelves
What could be more fun than a toothbrush house? These adorable animal shaped boxes are incredibly easy to make, are inexpensive and can be mounted to the wall to free up extra space. Best of all are the cute critters that act as toothbrush covers, keeping those all important bristles clean and hygienic when not in use. To make a toothbrush shelf or house all you need to do is grab yourself a small wooden box but if you don't have any in the house, you'll find some in your local craft store. Remove the lid and drill a hole along the long edge near the left-hand corner. Smooth, then use acrylic paint in your kid's favorite color! Don't forget to let it dry before adding their name and then apply spray varnish to seal it nicely!

Heartfelt Art
What could be nicer than brushing your teeth before bed and seeing an inspirational quote? A family photograph? Or a collage of all your friends? Kids are very visual people so make sure you adorn the walls with plenty of cool, in-your-face art that they'll love. If your little girl loves ponies then why not have a riding club themed bathroom? You could have even had horses names stenciled on the walls as well as putting her name on a lucky horse shoe. Don't forget the green 'grass' rug, apple scented shower gel and smooth wooden 'stable door' cabinets!

Throw In The Towel
Encourage kids to put their dirty clothes in the laundry with giant, monster face or animal shaped baskets. Try to find hampers that are made of tough linen or bendable plastic instead of rigid ones that can easily cut little fingers. Fed up of finding wet towels on the floor? Why not consider installing one of Bathroom Takeaways' rails? They guarantee that clothes and towels will stay toasty, even without heating on when you keep your towels warm with our electric heated towel rails. Rails are also fully adjustable and come in a range of sizes to suit every bathroom. Avoid those that don't have a good number of rungs on them as towels are quite bulky objects.

Squeezy Shower Caddy

Kids don't quite have the same dexterity as us when it comes to opening bottles so you may want to buy a squeezy shower caddy. Their friendly octopus friend will hold all their bath, and shower products firmly in his stretchy rubber tentacles, so they just need to tip their bubble bath upside down when they want to use it. Avoid buying metal shower trays that are too practical to capture kids attention as the chances are they will go unused.

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