Heavenly Upgrades For Home Entertaining

Entertaining at home has become a very popular way of spending an evening with friends. This has led to quite a change in the way we like to present our homes. Lifestyles have changed too, so home layouts and design have had to change to keep pace. Sure, we’re all busy. This means we want a beautiful home that is quick and easy to maintain, so it stays looking good when our guests are over!

If you’re looking for ways to bring a little extra glam to your home for your next dinner party, look no further than your dining area. Many of us have open plan kitchen diners now. It helps us to stay sociable while we’re preparing food and drinks for our guests. We can continue to be a part of the conversation, and maximize those few short hours we’re together.

There are a couple of ways to do this. You can knock through the wall dividing your dining and kitchen area. In some places, you may need local authority permission and certification of works to do this. Alternatively, you might choose to redesign the layout of the kitchen to better incorporate a dining table. If you like comfortable seating nearby, a larger space may be needed.

Of course, if your guests can see your kitchen while you’re in the midst of cooking, you want it to look good! Some of the most noticeable and off-putting problems in the kitchen can include dirty sinks, dripping taps, stained floors, and damaged countertops. If you’re looking to upgrade part of your kitchen, these are the areas you could concentrate on. There are plenty of options, like a Rangemaster sink or a freshly tiled floor. It’s quicker, cheaper, and easier to swap out just one or two things than buying a whole new kitchen.

If you’re struggling for space, consider a table that opens out when you need it. After all, you’re not feeding everyone every night of the week! Folding chairs may not be as glamorous, but they’re more practical, and can easily be covered to create that heavenly look you’re after.

Soft seating like a sofa is ideal for guests as they arrive. The leather is easier to clean when food and drink are around. Fabrics can become a bit smelly as they trap the cooking odors. A breakfast bar is also quite handy for a smaller area. It provides a standing area or seating if preferred while guests chat with you as you cook.

In the summer, much of your dining may happen in the garden area. You can also cook here if you have a high-quality outdoor grill. You may need some covering for both the outdoor cooking area and the seating. Remember to ensure proper ventilation if you’re using naked flames or gas supplies. Solar powered lights are best, but you might prefer something that offers a heat source from the mains.

Seating outside has become more casual and comfortable with cushioned sofas and chairs. These can be found at good prices off-season, so look out for some bargains. Enjoy your party.

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