Creating a Fabulous Family Living Room

For a comfortable home that encourages the family to spend time together relaxing and having fun, you need to have a good living room, which works for everyone and allows you all to function practically when you’re home.

You don’t have to be the best interior decorator in the world to create a great family living room; you just need to take into account everyone’s needs and take a look at some of the great ideas below.
A Comfy Couch

Perhaps, the most important thing every good family living room should have is a big, comfy couch that can accommodate the whole family and enable you to spend quality time together. When choosing a couch, as well as size, you should consider color. If you have a young family, pets, and lots of guests, accidents can and will happen, so a dark or patterned couch, which will hide any spills and stains well, might be ideal.

A Small Desk

If you have the space, installing a small desk in one corner of the room will enable the kids to do their homework or mommy and daddy to do their taxes etc., in the same room where the rest of the family are hanging out, which means that you won’t have to be segregated when you’re busy.

Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring tends to be the sensible choice for any family living room because it can be wiped clean more easily than a carpet. Of course, you should add a rug or two to warm up the room and give young children a comfy place to play, too.


Having a TV, computer, games console and, if you have younger kids, a toy box filled with fun toys, along with a well-stocked bookshelf, in the living room, will encourage all members of the family to spend more time there. One of the reasons why so many families spend most of their time away from each other in separate rooms is because they all have their own forms of entertainment scattered around. By making your living room an entertainment hub, you can squeeze in more family time without a fight.


If you want everyone to feel at home in the living room, you should let everyone, from your toddler to the dog, have something they love in the room. A dog bed, a favorite toy, photos of their friends, a Buddha statue – whatever is dear to their heart – find a nice place for it and the living room will feel like it’s theirs.


Of course, with so much going on in the living room, you’re going to need plenty of storage. Adding an ottoman or two is a good way to add storage and extra seating while creating a comfy look, but you can utilize wall units, bookshelves and on the wall shelving too. For storing things like toys and games, wicker baskets are ideal and won’t make the room look too harsh.

What are your tips for creating a fabulous family living room that the whole family can enjoy?

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