Put The For Sale Sign Down, And Consider These Home Refreshing Tips Instead!

Argh! It can be so tempting to think about moving into a new place when you are getting sick and frustrated with the one that you are currently in. But before you rush to put out your for sale sign, remember that moving is always expensive and full of stress and hassle. So you don't actually want to consider it unless it's absolutely necessary. Instead, the solution may just be to change something about your current home to improve it. Read on to find out more.

Create more space
One of the biggest reasons that folks move is that they believe their home is just too small for them. Perhaps they have had another baby, or they have got too much stuff for it to be a comfortable space anymore. But is this really always the case? Or are there things that you can do to make your home feel more spacious? Well, yes! There are ways of making your home seem bigger and more spacious that it actually is.
You can follow these tips to make any room seem way larger and more spacious. Or just make some small tweaks like hanging curtains, not at the windows, but around them. As this stops the material getting in the way of the sunlight when it's drawn back, making your room feel a lot more spacious. Or place rugs only three-quarters of the way under the beds, so that they stick out as far as possible. As this too can make your room look larger.

Create more energy
There is a huge trend at the moment for restful, calming rooms, which is just perfect for bedroom or lounge. But sometimes you want a room to energize you, and not to relax you. In fact, rooms such as home offices, kitchens and playrooms can benefit you by being places that help you feel as if you have more energy. But how can you refresh you home to reflect this?

Well, consider color in your design. Bright colors tend to have the most energizing effect on us, so go for something like a bright blue, red or yellow for maximum impact. In fact, why not try combining all three of these colors especially in a situation like a playroom. As this can work well to create a clearly delineated space for play and learning.

Another space on your property that can really benefit from bright colors include the garden. Small flashes of bright and colorful hues can help to create a fun and pleasant place for you and your family to spend your time in. It can also contribute to brighten up a garden that doesn't get that much natural sunlight.

Create more light
Another way of refreshing your home that can help you to fall in love with it all over again is to find some way of producing more light. Light is so important because it can affect our moods, as well as change how a room looks and feels.

Generally, we see more light as the best option, especially natural light. But actually, it’s often better to able to control the amount of light that you have in a room. As this helps you tailor it to your needs at the time.

For example, a bedroom full of natural light might be amazing to wake up too, but if you are trying to take a nap in the afternoon, it's not going to be quite what you want.

Great ways of controlling light in a home include things like automatic blinds, which can be remotely controlled from a single digital hub. Having blinds like these means that you can quickly make use of windows that aren't readily available, while still having control over them, as to whether to let the light in or not.

Another quick refresh to do with light in you home is to replace all the bulbs with ones like these smart bulbs. These will allow you to brighten and dim any of the lights in your home at will. As well as enabling you to pick the color and shade of light that you have on in any room. Which of course, can make all the difference to the lived experience in that room.

Research the best packages for your home before you buy, as they can be a little pricey. Although, making small refreshes like these are definitely much cheaper than all the costs involved in moving house, and you the chance to radically change the feeling of your home pretty simply and easily.

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  1. These are helpful ideas. I'm gong to try the rug 3/4 under the bed this weekend!