Uratex and Alvin Patrimonio in Raising Awareness on Value of Good Sleep

Sleep is one of our body's necessity for us to be able to functional properly throughout a day. Lack of sleep can be dangerous for our health. Sleep deprivation can not only make us feel in a bad mood but also can give us a serious problem like heart diseases, obesity and diabetes.

Athletes like The Captain Alvin Patrimonio himself, know best that we all need regular sound sleep to nurture life. In celebration of World Sleep Day, join Uratex in raising awareness on the value of good sleep despite our busy lifestyle.

As the country’s Sleep Specialist, Uratex brings premium and technology-rich products that can equip the comfort that you desire.

So come join Uratex and celebrate the value of good sleep. #SleepSoundlyWithUratex

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  1. It's refreshing to see a basketball icon back. I'm sure this ad will attract more people to buy Uratex =)