Creative Ways to Announce a Pregnancy

Birth is still one of the great wonders of humankind and to this day arouses feelings like no other. For those that are expecting it arouses feelings of excitement and amazement (and maybe a little fear), but it’s not just the expecting parents that have feelings stirred within them by a pregnancy: their friends and family do to — because of this, they deserve to not only know (when the time is right, of course) but they deserve to be told in the best and most creative ways possible. It’s a big moment for all involved, and it deserves to be treated as such; so here are some of the most creative ways to tell your family and friends that you're expecting.

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If you want to splash out on the big occasion, then you could have customized and personal t-shirts made for anybody that you wish to announce the news to in a unique and memorable way. The t-shirts could read anything from ‘Grandpa Est.2017’ to ‘This Guy is Going to Be an Uncle’ or even ‘My Best Friend Got Pregnant, and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt.' Doing so will not only mean that the moment itself is memorable, but that it can be looked back in years to come whenever the t-shirt is worn; for all your personalized gift needs make sure to head to Zoey’s Attic and check them out. However, providing one person with a t-shirt may make you feel obliged to provide a whole host of other people with one too; but if you have your heart set on this tactic, then you go about it in different ways. For instance, you could clad any other child that you have in a t-shirt that reads ‘Only Child: Expiring 2017’, which not only scratches your personalized t-shirt itch without having to buy a host of them but also means that the announcement is still being made in a memorable and creative way.

Other creative ways to announce a pregnancy that won’t cost anything include spelling it out via food (alphabet spaghetti, otherwise known as ‘alphabetti’, lends itself perfectly to this), if you want to go all modern about it, emailing a scan photo around to your friends; or if you want to stick with tradition, putting a literal bun in an oven, guiding whomever it is that you are telling into the kitchen, and then waiting for them to get the hint. All are great ways to announce a pregnancy, and all cost next to nothing. Whatever you do, however, you should always seek to capture the memorable moment of announcing a pregnancy either via photograph or on video; could even act as the start of your pregnancy journal!

And once all the appropriate announcements have been made then it’s time to actually start preparing for the new arrival. However, you can do so knowing that you did all you could to make sure that the first thing your friends and family remember about your little one is an interesting and creative announcement on their behalf, all courtesy of you!

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