Big Baby Milestones You'll Cry At

Pregnancy seems to last forever when you’re waiting for the birth of your baby from conception to nursery prep! Even in the early days when they seemingly won’t stop crying, and you never sleep, the hours just drag on. Everyone who has had children will tell you the complete opposite, and you won’t believe it until it’s happening to you. Your first year as a mother will go so fast, that you’ll blink and miss it.
One moment, you look at your tiny baby who initially doesn’t quite fit their own skin. Clothes swamp them and every noise and facial expression is marvelled at. The next moment, you’re online and planning a first birthday party and picking out the best one-year-old first birthday shirt! It goes so fast, but if you’ve bought yourself a baby book like this one or this one before the baby arrives, you are able to record each of those milestones that matter so much. You can then look back on them with a smile and with nostalgia, and some of the best milestones draw a tear of happiness at the growth of the baby and sadness at the thought they’re passing by so quickly.
Image Source: Pixabay

All the milestones your baby will reach in their first year will make you clap, shout and sing because it means they’re developing well. Check out our list of some of the milestones you’ll discover with your baby in that important first year:
  • Smiling: There’s nothing sweeter than those first smiles. Lots of people will pass a smile off as wind, but we don’t think anyone smiles at wind pain! The recognition of your voice and face will make your baby smile and you should expect this around 8-10weeks of age. Keep tissues ready at all times for those inevitable emotions!
  • Rolling: Baby rolling over is often a milestone that feels like a relief. For a few weeks, your little one may be acting fairly frustrated because they can see things they want but cannot get to them. Rolling gives them a little freedom to find new toys next to them! Tummy time is so important at this stage.
  • Sitting: Sitting up is another milestone that will help their development. This, along with rolling tends to happen between four and six months of age. When your baby is confidently sitting, you’ll be able to think about weaning – wait for six months here and look for these other signs first!
  • Crawling: Baby being on the move will mean making your home safe and ensuring that there is a safe space for baby to explore without any worrying. This should happen between six and nine months of age but don’t be alarmed if your little one starts later.
  • Speaking: We spend much of the first year babbling nonsense at our babies so they will mimic the sounds. That first ‘Dada’ or ‘Mama’ is heart-squeezing in how lovely it is, so commit it to memory.
Planning a party for their first birthday is more for you as parents than for the baby. It’s a celebration that you’ve survived the hardest parenting year and you should toast with the obligatory caterpillar cake and balloons!


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