Is Your Nose Giving You Trouble While Running?

If you are a serious runner, then you are surely always looking for a way to improve your running, be it by increasing your speed or how much you can endure. It is a common discussion among runners as to what is the best way to breathe when you run. Some claim that breathing only through your nose is the best way to go, while others agree that using your mouth is necessary as well. In this article, we are going to discuss proper ways of breathing, various techniques that you can apply, as well as the possible reasons why your nose breathing isn’t as good as you’d want it to be.

Why breathe through the nose?

Breathing through the nose instead of through the mouth is important when the humidity and air temperature are on the low. The reason to this is that your nose warms the air up before it reaches your lungs, and therefore makes it easier for you to breathe. If you are training during the winter, this may prove to be helpful for you. It is also beneficial for asthmatic runners to breathe through the nose, because breathing through the mouth may worsen their condition.

What about the mouth?

On the other hand, breathing through the mouth brings in more oxygen than when you breathe through the nose. If you make yourself inhale and exhale only through your nostrils, the muscles of your jaw and face get tightened, which isn’t good for running. This is why a lot of runners argue that breathing through the mouth and the nose at the same time is the best way to go. When you keep your mouth open, it helps you to relax your face and might do the same for the rest of your body as well.

Problems with breathing the natural way

It is a struggle for some people to breathe in a natural way. If you have become comfortable with breathing one way, it tends to be hard to switch to another. It is vital that you realize that when it comes to running, natural breathing isn’t necessarily the most efficient way to go. So, while it may be a tough thing to change, you need to determine how your running habits work out, and if they aren’t working out the best for your performance, you should try changing them.

Breathing techniques

The best way to breathe is from your abdomen. A lot of people breathe from their chest, which isn’t good for running. When you are relaxing at your home, lie down and watch your chest and abdomen as you breathe. Practice using your abdomen, the way that professional singers do. Also, make sure that your breathing has a rhythm. Try out various rhythms, such as 3/3, 3/2 or 2/3 and see what fits you the best. It is essential that your breathing is synchronized with your strides. Finally, make sure that your posture is right, with your head high and shoulders back.

What could be the problem of your nose breathing?

Sometimes even when you do everything right, there could be various other problems that affect your nose breathing that you might not even be aware of. If you have a runny nose that is out of control, the reason may be an allergic reaction, so you should check that out right away. You should also make sure that you aren’t overworking yourself. The worst case scenario is that you have a deviated septum. If you are suffering from some of these symptoms, then that might as well be the case:
  • ·         Difficulty breathing through the nose
  • ·         Being easier to breathe through one side of the nose
  • ·         Experiencing nosebleeds
  • ·         Common sinus infections
  • ·         One nostril being dry
  • ·         Nasal pressure or blockage
  • ·         Snoring

A serious case of deviation comes with pain in your face. This most probably means that you should visit a doctor and find a way to fix it. Rhinoplasty experts from Sydney suggest that either rhinoplasty or septoplasty are necessary for you to be able to breathe properly through your nose. While septoplasty specifically focuses on correcting a deviated septum, rhinoplasty can help you fix your nose in case that the cause of the deviation is a serious injury. Rhinoplasty is also done to improve how your nose works, even if your septum doesn't deviate.

In summation

To properly breathe while running, you might need to overcome your natural habit of breathing and learn some new techniques. If your nose is giving you a problem, then you should consider the options as to what the causes may be. If the reason is deviation and injury, you should undergo the necessary surgery.

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