Moms Quickly Realize These Things After Having A Baby

Before you have your little one, moms will always tell you about how much your life changes after you have a baby. And as much as they can prepare you for the differences, it does come as a shock to new moms how different life can be. In fact, here are some things moms quickly realize after having a baby.
They realize that eight hours of sleep will be a distant memory
A lot of people will tell you to get plenty of sleep before baby arrives. And there is a very good reason for it. After baby comes, you will struggle to get eight hours ever again. In fact, until your child is after 10, you should expect six hours at the very most. Of course, there are some ways to ensure you don’t spend your whole life exhausted. For one thing, you should make sure you have a comfortable bed. You want one with a supportive mattress which will ensure when you do get a chance to rest, it’s good quality sleep. And make sure you make the most of the times in the day when your baby is having a nap. No one will judge you if you use the time to sleep too. And let your hubby help out with the night feeds. That way, you will get a break from being up all night!

They figure out they may have said goodbye to their old body for good
Most moms to figure out their body might change after they have a baby. But until the baby has been delivered, it doesn’t really kick in how much it will change. Once you become a mom, you soon realize you might have to say goodbye to your old figure for the right. After all, everything from your stomach to your breasts can look different after you have had a baby. Of course, there are some ways you can attempt to get back your old body. For example, you might want to consider doing some exercise a couple of months after baby arrives. Start with something less intense like yoga. Also, eating a healthy diet will ensure you lose that weight too. And you can also go down the surgery route to have your old body back. You could always go for ops like a breast augmentation which can help to reduce the droopiness of your breasts. Just check the side effects as some options can stop you breastfeeding in the future.

They realize that they now have to come second in life
Moms also realize quite quickly that they now have to come second in their life. After all, your likes and dislikes might have to go on the backburner while you concentrate on doing things for the baby. And any spare money you get every month will now need to go on the baby’s essentials, rather than clothes and accessories for yourself. As much as they are your number one, make sure you make time for yourself.

And it’s not all bad of course. You now are the mother of an amazing little human being who you will love more than anyone else in the world. And if you speak to any moms, they will tell you it’s the best thing they did in their life.

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