7 Ideas for Teen Bedroom Makeover

You suddenly realize that your kid of yesterday is now a teenager demanding a room and private space for himself. Though you know his demands are right, yet actually getting down to organizing a room for him might be daunting at first. But when you sit down to plan it with him, you'll find it's not all that difficult. With a little bit of help from him, you'll soon be headed in the right direction. Here are seven tips to get you going:
1.Choose a theme: Select a theme that really gets your teen going. Here are a few options:

For boys:
  • Galaxy: Since boys love adventure and outer space kind of designs, why not decorate their rooms with planets and constellations? Let your imagination run wild on this theme and you'll do something effective.
  • Cowboy: Pictures of horses and fences on your teen's bedroom wall might give him an outdoorsy feeling that gives him an adrenaline rush. Use neutral colors with splashes of  bright shades for a colorful room.
For girls:
  • Princess: Let her feel she lives in a world of beauty where everything is perfect and girly. Make hers a pink room, with a few other feminine shades and a little glitter too.
  • Flowers: Does she love flowers? Decorate your daughter's room with floral patterns on the bed, curtains and wallpaper too. It's enough to make her smile every morning and night.
2. Make a bold wall design: Your teen is sure to want a very colorful room with a lot of energy. Use the walls of his room to either paint it in a bright color, or give it a custom-printed treatment. Ask a good paint specialist to help you with ideas.
3. Add some funk: Your teen's room has to have his signature style on it, in fact it should reflect his personality. So, make it different and imaginative like adding features that make the whole room stand out. Perhaps, you could add a swing or a hanging bed or have an oval bed for your daughter. A black or white board on the wall where they can express themselves will work wonderfully well. Make the flooring equally funky and remember to vacuum the floor regularly.
4. Fabrics: The reason why teens spend so much time in their rooms is because they feel comfortable, safe and loved there. The soft feel of fabrics in their room make them feel wanted there. To fuel this feeling, you can have a plush bedding or cushions in vibrant colors or a faux fur rug.
5. Storage: Just so that your teen can learn to lead an organized life, give him or her enough room to put his things in the right place. Include dressers, shelves, storage bins below the bed, storage benches and a cabinet for adequate storage. Combine functionality with design to hit the right note.
6. Shiny paints: Pick a coat of paint your teen will love and add a different coat over it. This will give the room a different shade and appeal too.
7. Furniture: For best and long-lasting results, have hardy furniture that can take all the wear and tear that teens might put it through. But remember to add a bit of design to it so that there's some artistic appeal. Go for neutral colors and match the furnishings and bed linen to it.

The delight on your teen's face at seeing his own private space can never be underestimated. So, go ahead and be at your artistic best when you recreate his own room.

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Manisha Kr is a blogger who loves to blog on health and woodworking. When she is not writing, she is either playing golf or trying to craft something out of the planks in her garage or simply cooking her favourite recipes. 

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  1. Some great tips here....my teenage daughter appears to be spending more and more time in her room! Its very strange not having an attention demanding little girl anymore (I secretly miss it!!). We have recently decorated her room, we didn't have much of a budget and found some cool accessories quite cheaply to brighten up her room. We did splurge on a fantastic mid sleeper which has so many fantastic functions, it has some great storage solutions plus a pull out bed...perfect for sleepovers! http://www.cuckooland.com/dnc/cuckooland/category/3476/kids-mid-sleeper-beds