Safety tips to secure your home from burglars and thieves

The purpose of a house is to provide shelter and protection. Whether you live alone or with someone else, you can seek comfort and security at home. These days, we can never be too sure that our home is safe from the "evildoers." It can be prone to burglars and thieves. A burglary can cause a lot of troubles in our life not just losing our possessions but also our life can be in danger. 
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The reason why we protect our belongings is not just because of its worth but it has meaning and value to us. But our life doesn't revolve around just by watching over our home and belongings. We also need to go out and do other things like going to school, work, shop, and other things. Some jobs demands a lot of travelling that could take you days away from home. How will you keep your precious possessions?

Whether you are at home or on vacation, you must at all times keep your valuables secure. 

You may want to consider these safety tips:

Secure your doors, windows, garage and gates
Burglars and thieves usually make their way to our home through open windows and back doors so you must keep them closed and properly locked. Do not leave your keys within a sight or any predictable hiding spots.
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Garage doors and gates can also be a possible entry if it broken or has hole in it so make sure to do a maintenance checkup and repair. Locks can get damage too and sometimes you may need to have a spare keys or key replacement. Consider searching for lock and key specialist

Invest in security system
With the help of the technology innovations, home security can be more than just locks and keys. Although it may not be cheap, buying CCTV cameras, motion sensors and burglar alarm can be a great defense of your home because you'll be alerted about intruders instantly.
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Hide any valuable items at home
Aside from money and jewelries, gadgets like laptops, cellphones and other portable items are the easiest things to grab and carry by thieves. You must never leave them out lying around your home. 

If possible put security marks on these valuable items. Use security locks or install tracker in your mobile devices.

Request for look out
If a relative is living near you, let them know when you're going away. Or you can ask your neighbors or friend to keep an eye on your house. You can also leave the spare keys to a person you can trust to check on things from time to time.
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Avoid bragging on social media
Try not post money, expensive items and travel on your social media accounts. Bragging about your travels and possessions can also cause harm to you and your family.  Burglars and thieves sometimes pry on their victims' social media status waiting for their opportunity to strike.

Taking precautions is the key that will help our home secure. It may not be all the time, but  we can at least prevent the risk of being burgled. 

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