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Hi loves, how are you doing? Got any plans for the Valentines Day? Are you going to celebrate alone? With a partner? Or perhaps you'll be going to celebrate with friends or family? 

Celebrating a day of love could be every day, but Feb 14 is one particular day, right? By the way, do you have any special outfit you'll go to wear on Valentines Day? Of course, you need to put even a little effort to look good on that special day. Let me introduce you to an online store which caters mainly on fashion clothing.
Last December, I receive an email for collaboration with http://www.tosave.com. They offer to send me 15$ worth of any item/s, and I am allowed to choose from Beauty or Fashion category. Below is the side by side comparison of the product available on their site and the actual one that I got.

I ordered a dark blue in a medium size because I assumed that the small size may not fit on me since it's indicated on the page that there may be an existence of measurement error of 2-3cm.  When it arrived, I am happy that the actual look of the material and design is same. The jumpsuit is made from cotton blend materials. The size of the crop top fits on me, but unfortunately, the trousers are too big for me. For your reference, my waistline is 28 inch, and my height is 5'1''. Thankfully our neighbor is a tailor so made her alter the size so it could fit properly.  I love it. It looks sexy and fabulous.  I recommend that you choose only the small size if you're a slim or petite woman. 

What I order:

What I received:

What I order:

What I received:

For the second item, I ordered a pink and yellow color combination of a boat neck blouse. The top is in a medium size that fits me well, and the material is actually polyester fabric. As indicated, it's a soft material that feels comfy on the skin, but I think it won't be right to wear it during summer because it won't absorb sweat.

Overall, I could say that Tosave is an online shopping site for those who doesn't want to break the bank yet be fashionable and trendy all year round. 

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