Magical Sleep Tricks That Influence Dreams

Are you sick of having the same old dreams every night? There are some very common ones that we all have at some point. These include dreams in which you are endlessly falling or in which your teeth all fallout! These are more the stuff of nightmares! Or maybe you just wish that you dreamed more often. Well, you don’t have to be stuck in a dreamless night’s sleep for much longer, as many sleep tricks will help you dream a lot more often. And if you are sick of your dreams always repeating themselves, you will be happy to hear that these tricks can also help to change the content of all your dreams. So, ready to dabble with the stories that your subconscious tells you at night? Here are all the tips you need to know.
Get Comfy
First things first, you need to be comfortable at night to ensure you get a better night’s sleep. If you are totally cozy in bed, you will wake less throughout the evening. And there is nothing worse than having a dream interrupted by waking up! There are various ways to get comfortable in bed, such as investing in top-quality bed linen and getting a new mattress. Need more tips? You can get more from Best Beds Boutique and other mattress review sites online. But getting a comfy bed isn’t the only way to get cozy. Changing your sleeping position might help. In fact, switching the position in which you sleep can also affect your dreams. For instance, those who sleep on their stomach are said to have more erotic dreams.

Fill Your Bedroom With Scents
Lots of studies show that the scents that fill our bedrooms while we sleep play a big part in the type of dreams we have through the night. So it could be worth burning some scented candles or joss sticks in your room before you turn the light off. However, some of the studies showed that these scents were only active at certain points in the sleep cycle. And these points are usually later on, towards the end of each cycle. That means there is a good chance that the scent from your candle or joss stick might have gone by the time you reach these points. But, you never know, if someone is downstairs cooking while you are taking a nap, the aroma from the food could waft upstairs at the right time and infiltrate your sleep!

Spicy Food
While we’re talking about food, we might as well move onto the next point! You will have no doubt heard the old wive’s tale that states eating cheese before bed can give you nightmares. There is some truth in this as eating anything before you go to sleep will kick start your digestive system just before you fall asleep. And if the digestive system is active during sleep, you will be much more likely to dream. Lots of studies into dreams have shown that you need to wake up within five minutes of having a dream to remember it. And the best way to ensure you wake up in time is to eat some food that will cause you to dream and also disrupt your sleep patterns. And there is no better food for this than spicy food!

Watch Color TV
Lots of sleep expert believe that there is a link between the TV that we watched as children and the dreams that we have. For example, lots of people aged over 60 years old are more likely to dream in black and white. Scientists believe this is because they only watched black and white TV as children, which has had a lasting effect on their dreams. Likewise, people who watched mainly color TV throughout their childhood will dream in bright colors. So, if you want your dreams to be as vivid as possible, it is important that you watch as much color TV as possible!

Take Vitamin B6
If you have a search on Google to see what people use to influence their dreams, you will find that Vitamin B6 gets a lot of mentions! Even though there is no firm scientific evidence of a link between this vitamin and our nighttime stories, some scientists think that it makes perfect sense. That’s because Vitamin B6 helps the body turn amino acids into neurotransmitters. It is these neurotransmitters that affect our dreams. So, the more Vitamin B6 you consume, the more neurotransmitters you will have, which can result in a lot more vivid dreams!


Quit Smoking
People often find that they dream a lot more once they give up smoking. These dreams are often about smoking, though, and as many as 63% of ex-smokers claimed that they still dream about cigarettes even a year after they have kicked their habit! This will no doubt be the brain’s way of working through its addiction. Eventually, once you are no longer craving a cigarette, these dreams won’t be so frequent. But you will still experience dreams a lot more often as nicotine withdrawal helps to enhance brain activity.

Go To Bed Hungry
I’ve already mentioned that eating a little something before going to bed can increase the chances of dreaming. Well, so too does going to bed slightly hungry. We dream most nights, but we remember very few as we don’t always wake up in time after they have finished. If you go to bed a bit hungry, your blood sugar level will be quite low, which will make you wake up more through the night. And, as a result, you will be very likely to wake up within the five-minute window after a dream, and remember it the next morning! If you have a very small snack before bed, such as a glass of milk, you won’t be eating too much to increase your blood sugar levels. But it will be providing your body with just enough amino acids which are can use to turn into neurotransmitters and stimulate dreaming!

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