[Review] Ecocamel Orbit SoftWater: The world's 1st soft water shower head!

Drought is one of the struggles we are facing because of the climate change happening in many parts of the world. It could affect our life as well as the environment. This could cause the shortage of water which may lead to dying of plants and animals as well as humans. Everyone should do their part in conserving water even if you're not currently experiencing drought. 

By cutting down on water use, you may not only help conserving natural resources but you could also help lower your utility bills.

We use more water while showering, but we can't just ignore the satisfaction that we get from letting the water pour over our head just like we are having a head massage.  How do we enjoy a better shower while using less water? 

It was December last month (Dec. 2016) when Ecocamel offers to send me a shower head in exchange for my review with their product. Just a week after I gave them my address, they sent the product all the way from London, UK. I never paid for the shipping fee and customs tax. Yay!

I received Orbit SoftWater which claims to be the world's 1st soft water shower head! Ecocamel offers to eliminate post-shower problems like dry and itchy skin, a scaly film on shower screens and tiles, dry and frizzy hair, scale problems on the shower head and trouble in havinggreat lather.  

What are the pros of Orbit SoftWater?
  • Easy to clean
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Low flow with perfect pressure
  • The built-in water softening help eliminates limescale
  • Provides soft shower even without filters
What are the cons?
  • It's kinda noisy and a bit pricey. 
Verdict: With its performance, I think the price of the Orbit SoftWater is worth it. You can never go wrong with the NEW innovative integrated SoftWater technology made by Ecocamel. They offer FREE SHIPPING and 30-day Money Back Guaranteed!

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