How to Get That Hotel Bedroom Feel at Home

There’s something rather relaxing and indulgent about staying in a nice hotel room, even if you’re only away on business for the night. But what is it that makes slumber seem that bit more special in a boutique boudoir? And can you recreate the magic at home by incorporating some hotel bedroom décor features for a fantastic finish? Today we’re looking at the essentials elements that could help you create your hotel bedroom at home…

The Bed
Okay, so not every bedroom can accommodate a larger than life Kingsize or Four poster bed. If you’re humble abode only allows you to squeeze in a Queen size or even a single bed, fret not, there are still things you can do to take your slumber time comfort and style levels up a few notches.

Firstly, review the performance of your mattress regularly. The experts at the Sleep Council recommend you change your bedding at least every seven years to ensure adequate support, hygiene and promote a good and comfortable night’s sleep. You can find some great advice on their website explaining how you can tell if your mattress is too tired!

Next on your luxe-sleep lust list should be a bedding upgrade. You might crave the soft and fluffy feel of a feather pillow and bedspread the comfort of wool or silk blanket. However if your budget won’t stretch to such luxury, be reassured that ensuring the right garment for the temperature in your room can go a long way toward helping you sleep soundly. Although you may find you still like to stick one leg out from under the covers!

Finally, for that hotel bed finish, could you upgrade the thread count on your bed linen or perhaps invest in a stylish headboard?  Headboards are tipped to be a big trend in 2017, and if you don’t have the money to invest in a vintage beauty, decoist is tipping DIY headboards as the next big thing.

The En Suite
With a hotel en suite, you’re not just treated to your own private bathroom there are generally a few extra features that pack in some added wow factor. Along with a large tub for soaking in and rainforest showers, a common addition is a dressing area. In a hotel room, a dressing zone can often be found situated between the main bedroom area and the bathroom.

It's a space where a dressing table, clothes rail, and even a full-length mirror will sit and allow for a little self-pampering and privacy. Inside the bedroom, this area sometimes lies, other times it may be sectioned off from the sleeping space with a wall or even doors. If you have an en suite at home and want to replicate the look, bi-fold doors will allow you to create your own at home dressing area without the need for any building works. 

Not got any room to spare? Try sectioning off a small dressing nook using decorated screens. Even if you only have a few feet at your disposal, having a private dressing area could help you channel your inner film star!

The Ambience
You might be able to secure yourself a room with a view at home, but you can make other small changes that can help to make you feel more relaxed and looked after.

Start with the basics such as temperature, humidity, and lighting to help you create the perfect ambience for unwinding. In room air con isn’t within everyone’s home improvement budget but along with making sure you’re familiar with your radiator thermostat valves , could you invest in a humidifier to keep the air in your room at optimum? Having air that’s too dry can exacerbate snoring and impact on your skin too, particularly when you throw central heating into the mix.

When it comes to lighting, one of the most convenient things about hotel room setups tends to be the easy reach placement of light switches. Having switches that control lighting throughout the room that can be reached without standing is super handy. In the real world of home, however, having low-level light switches can mean you’re treated to a spell of disco fever when your child comes in the room. So, while you may well want to invest in some stylish feature lighting and great bedside lamps, you may want to give those handy switches a miss.

What hotel room style additions would you like to make to your bedroom and why?

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