Three Easy Ways To Revitalize Your Look

Now that spring is just around the corner, you might be thinking about ways you can spruce yourself up for the new season. For many years the season of spring has held symbolism with new starts - for example, it is the time that the flowers start to grow again after the winter, and baby animals are being born all over the world. But it can also be a time for you to reinvent yourself for the following year. It also makes sense financially - a few months into the year, most of our wallets have recovered from the huge expense of Christmas, meaning we are able to start treating ourselves again. If you feel ready for a change, there really isn't any better time to do it! Here are some ways you can reinvent your personal style - some subtle and some drastic - to help breathe life into the new season.

Change your hair color
We'll jump right in with the most extreme one - and that is changing your hair color. The dyeing and bleaching of hair have been a trade that's been around for years, right back to when ancient tribes would use henna to color their skin and hair. These days, however, it is a highly accessible market with a huge abundance of products available. If you have decided to take the plunge and dye your hair, you will need to decide whether to do it at home or to visit a professional salon. If the change you are making is only going to be subtle, you can probably do it at home. But if you are, for example, wanting to go from dark brown to blonde, it is usually best that you visit a professional. A new hair color can make you feel invigorated and provide you take care of your hair, the color should last you all the way through the season.

Been feeling as though your overall 'look' is a little plain, but don't want to change your closet entirely? Getting into accessories is a great way to inject some fun into your daily outfits without breaking the bank. You could go classy with some larimar jewelry, or maybe you have always wondered if you would pull off wearing a hat? Accessories can turn an otherwise boring outfit into something really special, so experiment with what you feel works.

Step out of your comfort zone
If spring really is the season of change, it would be a crime not to challenge yourself at least a little bit! Many of us get into a style rut at least once in our lives. But remember, just because you found one style that works for you doesn't mean you can't venture into any other aspects of fashion. If you wear black all the time, drying injecting a pop of color into your outfits. This doesn't need to be anything over the top - start small, such as with a colored belt or even colored nails - and work your way up. You will feel a confidence boost from pushing yourself and it paying off, which makes anyone feel good.

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