Important Maintenance Jobs To Do As Soon As You Move In

If you’ve just bought a new house, you’re probably super excited to move in and get settled in. However, before you start arranging your furniture, you might have to do some decoration and maintenance work. These jobs can be beneficial in the long run. You won’t have to do as much DIY in your new home over the next few years if you do them right now. So which ones need sorting out as soon as possible? Read on to find out about important maintenance jobs that you should do as soon as you move in.

Roofing Checks
If your new property was empty for quite a while before you moved in, the roof might be in quite a bad state. They have to withstand a lot during bad weather, and tiles can be knocked off by excessive rain. If no one has been living in the house for a while, the damage might have built up. Don’t fancy getting on top of you house? Then call out some professionals, such as a company that specializes in Roofing Services.

Check For Damp
Damp can also creep into a home that hasn’t been inhabited for quite some time. Even if the previous homeowners were living in the property before you moved in, check for damp if there has recently been a period of heavy storms. Damp is easy to treat and will disappear in no time at all. However, if you fail to spot it and it spreads, you could end up with some bad structural damage.

Test Heating And Air Conditioning Systems
If you aren’t sure exactly how long the heating and air conditioning systems have been in the property for, you should have them tested. Some, such as gas heating, might have to be serviced by a professional workman. But in most cases, you should be able just to test the systems by turning on. If everything seems ok, then there is nothing to worry about. If you think some repairs need making, contact a professional company.

Double Check Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Your new home should, hopefully, already be fitted with smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. If you can’t find any, get some new ones installed as soon as possible. If the property has alarms installed, you should check that the batteries still work. There should be a button on each alarm to test this. Press the button and the alarm should sound for a few seconds. If not, it requires new batteries.

Plumbing System
It is especially important if you have just moved into an old property. Be sure to check all the piping in your bathroom and kitchen. Old pipes can be very leaky. If you notice signs of a leak, call out a plumber. Leaks that go untreated can end up causing significant structural damage to your property which can end up being very costly indeed.

Think you can put your feet up after moving house? Not until you’ve completed these important jobs!

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