Top Tips To Add Style To Your Home

We all see the homes in glossy magazines and on tv programmes that seem to exude style and class. They look so beautiful and full of personality, and it's something we often try to replicate in our homes. Here are some top tips for making your home a bit more stylish and photo shoot ready!

Feature Point
Every room should have a feature as a focal point. In the living room, dress your fireplace or mantelpiece to give a main feature in the room. Coffee tables, rugs, and feature lights also work well in dining rooms and kitchens. Having a dramatic piece gives the room a bit of character and sets the theme.

Speak To Experts
If you're at a loss as to how to improve your home and think you may need something more drastic, check with the experts. Companies like The Renovation Company can assist you in choosing colours and themes for rooms, and help to decorate and alter existing spaces.

Look through an interior magazine, and nearly every room featured will have fresh flowers or plants in them. Adding a bouquet of flowers to a room will really freshen up the feel, with their delicate blooms and sweet scents. Houseplants work in a more permanent way, but adding a touch of nature and softening the environment. Replace the vase water regularly to prolong the life of cut flowers, and make sure you tend to houseplants regularly to keep them looking their best.

Wall Art
Paintings, prints, and sculptural pieces all add style and class to a room. Try not to go overboard, and don't clutter. Choose pieces that will work with the existing aesthetics and style of a room. A large canvas painting above a fireplace or a long mirror in a hallway all add interest to the room.

Decor pieces
Ornaments and candles can also add style to your spaces. Again, don’t clutter and choose specific items. Display things on their own or in groups of three for a casually styled look, and place of coffee tables and window sills.

Display books
Displaying books and magazines is a great way to add class to your home in a practical way. Either fill a bookcase, and use as a display unit, or strategically place your most beautiful books on coffee tables.

Start With The Entrance
The entry of a home has a real impact on the feel of the whole home. Treat your front door like any other space, and match it to the rest of the home. Whether you need a new door, or can refresh and paint an existing one, improving your kerb appeal can make an impact.

Keep It Clean
Beautiful rooms may not always be perfect and tidy, but they're always clean. Even if you like the look of a slightly bohemian and relaxed space, dirty dishes and washing will not add style. Keeping rooms clean and hygienic will make them more enjoyable places to be in and a lot more comfortable.

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  1. Some inspiring ideas for improving your home decor there. We produce canvas prints and like you say, they're an effective way of adding style to an interior. Acrylic prints are a great alternative if you have a very modern themed home, or even office space.