Coolato Artisan Gelato now opens at SM BF Paranaque!

I scream for ice cream! I scream for ice cream! Every day could be an ice cream day because you won't regret buying the hottest mouth-watering ice cream in town. What am I talking about? Where can we find it? Well, it's none other than Coolato Artisan Gelato.  A place where you could indulge with ice cream made only with fresh ingredients in a generous serving. Their gourmet ice cream flavors are priceless!

Coolato Gelato opened its doors to the public for only a few months, but it is slowly becoming a favorite of the people of the South. Strategically located beside the cinema of SM BF Paranaque, one cannot help but notice Coolato and its colorful interiors with the welcoming couches.

Coolato Gelato offers 13 flavors and 14 toppings which can yield 182 different combinations. Regular flavors like sea salt caramel ripple, cookie crunch crumble, and chocolate dream are for the kids at heart who love their more traditional flavors. Coolato Gelato also offers Strawberry Made in Heaven, Mango Madness, Oreos and Cream, Coffee Explosion, Cookie Monster, Macchiato Madness, Black Forest Forever, Banoffee Pie, Almond Divinity, and Matcha Green Tea. You can make these flavors stand out more with marshmallow, caramel popcorn, crushed biscoff, choco pretzels, choco flakes, choco covered raisins, choco chips, Oreos, fresh mango, fresh banana, banana chips, cashews, almonds, and pistachios. Whew.

Coolato is a handcrafted artisanal gelato. They make the ice cream in front of you, and you can even take a video to show off. Don’t forget to tag them on Instagram @coolatoartisanalgelato and use #coolatogelato. Like them on Facebook to get more updates. (https://www.facebook.com/Coolato-178996762482943/)

A cup of coolato gelato ranges from Php120 – 150, and the toppings cost Php25 each. It may look small but this cup is filled to the brim, and unless you’re a gelato lover, you might find yourself sharing a cup because it’s a lot.

Remember, any time is ice cream time. 

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