Surprise Eggs is now available to IOS and ANDROID devices!

I grew up watching Anime and cartoons on TV.  But now that I am a parent, there's already smartphone or smart tv where you could connect to wifi and watch different kinds of videos, especially on Youtube. My daughter who is currently four years old loves to look at the unboxing videos of surprise eggs on youtube. It is one of the most popular videos among kids, and I am telling you she could watch it all day!  But did you know that they can now unbox surprise eggs through an Android/IOS app? Yes, you are reading it right! The game is called SURPRISE EGGS WORLD created by Biscuit Moon. It has four types of animals (farm, wild, pets, and dinosaurs) with seven kinds of animals in each category. There's a total of 35 kinds of animals to play with. 

*CLEAR SOUND: clear and soothing voice-overs
*NO ADS: no pop-up ads, No third-party advertising
*High GRAPHICS: cute and colorful hand drawn graphics
*EDUCATIONAL: kids can learn English language basics about animals (names and description of each animal)

*a bit pricey. You'll need to pay 2.99$ or 140Php to open the rest of the eggs
*too easy. No high scores, time-based puzzles, rules, or stress

I would rate it 4/5 because I feel that there's still more that needs to be added. More features mean more fun for the kids. The developer could also make it challenging to the children so that it won't be boring. I think children fell in love with unboxing videos of surprise eggs is because they get to see different kinds of toys in every egg, so maybe the developer/s could also add other characters aside from animals. Overall, I can say that this could be a "new thing" for kids age 2 to 4.  It can distract your child, so you could leave them while you take a nap. You don't have to worry because the content is suitable for the young ones. They could explore, play and have fun without your assistance. 

Check out the video below and see how it works:

Let your child experience the fun. Surprise Eggs World is now available on iOS and Android, so download it now and try it for free!

To learn more about the game, visit the official website http://surpriseeggsworld.com/, as well as the Facebook profile.
About Biscuit Moon
Biscuit Moon is a group of game developers, long-time friends, but most of all fathers. As such, we wanted to use our experience to create a game where our children are able to play with what they love most (surprise eggs!) without the risk of encountering aggressive ads, deceptive in-app purchases, or content that’s not appropriate for them. We also wanted to create an app that our children can enjoy without our assistance so we have a few free minutes to take care of some everyday tasks: the ones that need to be done but that we can’t get to while we’re absorbed in the care of our kids. Every parent knows them all too well. And that’s how Surprise Eggs World came to life.

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