Essential Home Design Tips For The Work At Home Mom

Working at home is a practical option for parents. It allows you to keep an eye on your kids and earn at the same time. Obviously, some boundaries have to be established, and it takes a little planning. However, flexible working contracts make this easier than ever before to set up.

When you’re earning around the kids, it is still important to maintain a split between work and home life. To do this, creating a practical work environment is necessary.

Work And Home Boundaries
If you have the space in your home, try and keep your work completely separate. This may not be possible if for example, you’re cooking or baking for a living. But if the majority of your work involves working at a PC or laptop, try to allocate a room for this. Everyone will know that when you’re in that room, you’re working and shouldn’t be disturbed.

If you don’t have space for an office, find another way to create a physical distance between your job and home life. This could be a screen or putting your laptop away at the end of each day.

Think about your comfort when setting up your workspace. This shouldn’t be done in a rush. It will affect not only your comfort but also your health. That chair may look pretty online, but has it been ergonomically tested? Will it provide adequate support and prevent back pain or repetitive strain injuries? If you place your desk in that position, will you be in the glare of the afternoon sun? A great way around this is to introduce electric blinds. You can adjust the lighting at the touch of a button. And, you can adjust blinds individually. This makes it comfortable for everyone sharing the space.

When installing new equipment into your home, it is important that it fits in with your surroundings. At the close of business, you want to enjoy your home as a home. Excess cables and office equipment do not add to this effect. So, find ways to incorporate them into your living environment. Purchase cable tidies to clear away wires. Use clever storage tricks to disguise equipment.

Choosing where to position your desk is important for many reasons. If you are easily distracted, then face a wall rather than a window. If your room looks out on the garden and nature inspires you, then this may be a good position for your workstation. Think about what will help you to complete your tasks.

Decor is also important. A cluttered area will distract you from the tasks at hand, and you will be less productive. So keep your area clear and free from mess. Stay organized and file away papers and important documents. Print only when necessary and use tools such as Evernote or Dropbox to store information. Set up a filing system for items that do have to be printed.

When setting up a home/work environment, it is important to establish boundaries. Even if it’s only the illusion of boundaries. As much as possible, keep your home and work life separate. Keep everything tidy and find ways to blend your work equipment into your living space. This will create a pleasant space for everyone.

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