Nesting? Get Ready For Your New Arrival The Easy Way With These Awesome Tips

Pregnancy can be considered to be one of the most wonderful times in a woman’s life. Raging hormones and dramatic changes to our bodies can indeed feel rather odd at times! But one of the most unusual symptoms of all these changes is the need to nest. Nearly every woman goes through a few weeks feeling like they have to clean, sort, tidy, and completely rearrange the house!

If you’re entering your nesting phase, then there are plenty of things you can do around the house to prepare for your new arrival. Clearing some space for your little one is often a priority. You might start with your closets and cupboards. Getting rid of all that old clutter means you can make enough room for all the things you and your new baby will need soon. Perhaps you need to clean out the spare room so you can turn it into a nursery?

It’s quite important to remember that there are lots of hormones racing around at the moment. It can influence your feelings about certain things. Personal items and keepsakes may be impossible to throw out at other times. But right now, you may be tossing treasured items in the trash without a care. Put things you want to get rid of aside so that you can sleep on the decision or let a partner share in the decisions. It can be quite heartbreaking to make a decision about these sorts of things that later you come to regret.

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Next comes the big clean up. Now the room for your nursery is empty, it will need to be thoroughly cleaned. You'll want to ensure it is sanitary for your newborn. If you want to avoid the use of chemicals, head to Better Life to see if any alternative solutions may suit you. Many pregnant women also like to paint the nursery before their baby is born. If you know the gender, you may pick one color over another. A sunny yellow is always popular whether you know or not!

Have you purchased all your nursery furniture yet? It often comes flat packed. Getting on the floor with a screwdriver and foreign language instructions isn’t easy when you’re pregnant. It’s easier to tackle these tasks when you’re not too big. Alternatively, let a friend or partner take on the annoying parts while you decide where each item is going to sit.

The nesting instinct can be so compelling that you feel the need to clean, tidy and rearrange the entire house. It’s important to remember that your body will still be working hard without all that extra activity. Try to pace yourself. Sit down with your feet up every hour and take a drink. It will help avoid swollen ankles and dehydration. It also gives you a few minutes to figure out what to tackle next!

Don’t move heavy furniture alone, even if you’re not pregnant. Injuries and strains can be incredibly difficult to manage when pregnant. It can make taking care of a newborn even harder. Congratulations on your new arrival.

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