Tips And Tricks To Getting Your Teenager's Bedroom Just Right

Teenagers can be tricky to deal with. You just never know how to please them! And that transitional period when your kids start growing into their teenage years can be like stepping on eggshells. Especially when it is time for their bedroom to be decorated. All of their childhood toys need to be put into storage, and all of their cool new stuff needs to come out. Talking to your teenager can be tough at the best of times, but when you need to ask them how they want their room decorated, it can be a nightmare! Your idea of good decor might ultimately clash with theirs! And what was meant to be a quick chat could end up in a huge argument! Nervous about broaching the subject of decorating to your teenager? Don’t be – here are some useful tips and tricks you can use to get your teenager’s bedroom just right.

Go For Neutral Shades
There is no way your teen will want the hot pink or baby blue walls they had as children. Not that they think they are grown up, they will probably want something a lot more sophisticated. Unless your son or daughter requests an entirely outrageous color for their walls, such as black, you should go with their wishes. If you want to, gently sway their idea, head to your DIY store for some color samples that you can show them. Neutral and pastel shades will work very well. And these kinds of colors won’t have to be painted over once your son or daughter moves out, as they will work well for a guest room.

Cool Furniture
If you need to buy some new furniture for your teenager’s bedroom, ask them what kind of things they would like. A desk is always useful, as it will provide them with space to do all their homework and studying. Your teenager will appreciate some fresh and funky additions as well. Girls might want to add some beautiful fairy lights around their bed rather than having a bedside lamp. Whether your teenager is male or female, I’m sure they’ll certainly want a mirror somewhere in their room! Generally speaking, it’s best to leave most wall space free so that there is plenty of space for them to hang their posters. If your teenager spends a lot of time hanging out in their bedroom, they might appreciate some comfy furniture. A large bean bag will go down very well with them. You can see different style bean bags at SackDaddy.com/page/love-sac.

Space For Tech
Teenagers these days are driven by tech. I’m sure yours has a smartphone, laptop, and tablet. It can be difficult to keep up with all the devices the use in their social lives as well as ones they use for school and college! So to keep your kids happy, make sure that they have space in their bedrooms to set up their tech equipment. Your boys will want space to have their game consoles while girls will need somewhere for their computer so they can chat online. It is also a good idea to make sure there is a reliable internet connection in their room. Not only is it useful for the social side of technology, but it will also help them study in their rooms. If you feel that you need to, you can always add parental controls to their devices so that they can’t look at anything that they shouldn’t!

Create Plenty Of Storage
If there is one thing teenagers love, it's clothing. No matter whether you have a boy or a girl, you’ll find that your child soon begins to hoard them. Teenager fashions change very quickly, so you will need to be able to keep up with your child’s appetite for all their new gear! And that means providing them with plenty of storage. Wardrobes are ideal for storing clothes, and you should also think about getting a chest of drawers for clothes as well. But there are other things that your teenager will want to store. Things like DVDs, CDs, and any of their books will have to go somewhere. You can always put up shelves for these. But there are also some other ways of storing these things which won’t take up space in the room. Some beds come with drawers in their base. These are great for storing things that aren’t used so often. And the best thing is, you won’t need to dust them!

Personalize The Bedroom
They might want to persuade you that they are all grown up, but teenagers are still kids at heart. And kids love nothing more than a personalized bedroom! Think about buying a fresh name sign for their door. Add something that is connected to their favorite hobby. So if they love baking, make sure to include a cake on the sign. And if your son loves football, add a black and white chequered ball to it! There are loads of other fun ways you can personalize their room. Use their hobbies for inspiration! If your teenager is very creative and enjoys drawing and painting, see if they want to design their decor. They could even have a go at painting their room! Does your teenager love traveling? Then create a memory shelf on which they can display all the souvenirs and trinkets from the various places that they have visited. If your teenager loves sport, use some sporting memorabilia and paraphernalia. It can add a personal touch to their bedroom’s interior design. Ask them for their ideas; you might be surprised with all the right plans that they have for their room!

So don’t be put off from decorating your teenager’s bedroom if you think it might end up in a big argument. They might even be happy to help out. But most of all, as it is their bedroom, their thoughts and ideas should be taken into consideration. One of the main things to remember is that they are easier to please than you might think!

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