6 Ways To Keep Your Garden Safe And Secure

When it comes to the garden we usually think about mowing the lawn and tending to flower beds, etc. We sometimes forget that this is the perimeter of our home and, as such, it needs to be safe and secure. There are several measures we can put in place to protect our family and keep them safe.

1. The Driveway
Driveways don’t last forever. The can become eroded over the years, especially after bad weather. Driveways can crumble and develop potholes which can be a tripping hazard. It also causes damage to the car. If your driveway is less than pristine, you may want to consider replacing it. Non-slip options such as aggregate surfaces are ideal, especially around the pool or in bad weather conditions. Are you looking for attractive exposed aggregate? If so, there are many different styles and patterns to choose from. You can even add stamps and stencils to personalize the area.

2. Keep On Top Of Maintenance
It is important to keep on top of maintenance to ensure a safe home and garden. For example, checking the roof for signs of damage or slipped tiles. This is particularly important after the winter months. It can be done from the safety of the ground with a pair of binoculars.

Things to look for:

  • Plants or vegetation growing out of chimneys. This could be a sign of water seeping into your roof.
  • Sagging - this can be a telltale sign of moisture retention and requires urgent attention.
  • Damp spots on the ceiling or in the attic
  • Water stains on the walls of your home could suggest a blockage in the gutters

Keep on top of gardening too. Make sure that plants and bushes don’t become overgrown and block pathways. If trees are close to your home, ensure their branches are trimmed back. Otherwise, it could provide a platform for intruders to enter your home by an upstairs window, etc.

3. External Lights
It is a good idea to install external lights to your property. They have several advantages. Firstly, it will make it easier and safer for family and friends to come and go in the dark. It will avoid tripping and stumbling. And it will be much easier to locate your keys. It will also deter burglars. Motion detector lights are an ideal solution.

4. Walls
Like any other part of your home, walls need to be maintained. If they are crumbling or have loose bricks, take action straight away. This will prevent the problem from getting worse and will avoid costly repairs. Move dustbins or other items away from walls. Walls are there for a reason. Don’t make it easier for intruders to scale them.

5. Gates
Consider investing in lockable gates that can be bolted each night or when you leave the house. This will provide another level of safety for your family. Invest in a solid chain lock and bolt if you are on a budget.  Thieves would find it tricky to remove items from the house if they had to climb a gate. Don’t make it easy for them.

6. Garages
Don’t store expensive items in garages, sheds, and outbuildings. If you house expensive gardening tools in them, ensure they are fitted with a secure lock. Check all entrances and windows. If possible, protect them with motion detector lights and an alarm system. This is particularly important if your garage is attached to your house and provides direct access to your home. Make sure you provide adequate protection.

Take an objective view of your garden and look for areas that could cause issues. A few small changes to the exterior of your home can make a big difference to the safety of your family.

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