Oops! Families Make These Mistakes With Their Home When Heading On Holiday

We are so excited about going on holiday that getting our home ready falls to the bottom of the list. But it’s so important to prepare your home so that you don’t come back to an empty property! After all, so many thieves break into properties when the owners are away. And the worst thing about it is they don’t have to try that hard. People leave doors open, or forget to close windows which allow easy access to the property. Therefore, don’t make these mistakes with your home when you are heading off on holiday!

Not double checking doors
As discussed above, so many burglars make their way into the home through doors which have not been shut properly. It means they won’t draw attention when entering your home. Therefore, to prevent making this mistake, you should double check the front and back door before leaving the house. That way, you will know that they are safely locked, and it will be harder for thieves to enter your property! And don’t forget to close windows too; leaving them wide open will increase the chances of a burglary!

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Not purchasing a light switch timer
It’s hard to get the right balance when it comes to light in your home when you are on holiday. Although you don’t want your home to be in complete darkness, you don’t want to leave a light on in your house as it will look suspicious in the day. Therefore, you should consider purchasing a light switch timer. That way, you can program when the lights should turn on and off in your home. As this feature says, criminals will notice lights flickering and will presume you are doing it. Therefore, they will hopefully not attempt to break-in to your home! And remember exterior lights too; they will turn on if anyone enters your backyard!

Putting valuable items in view
You might not think twice about leaving that necklace on your windowsill. After all, who is going to break-in to steal a piece of cheap jewelry? However, some thieves will break-in to a home and will take anything they can sell. After all, they are desperate if they are going to stoop to thieving. Therefore, you need to place all items away in safe place. It’s so vital for home safety and security that you buy a safe which is locked when you leave for vacation!

Making it obvious it’s unoccupied
When you head off on holiday, it’s easy to cause a scene when you are all excited about the vacation. But you will be surprised that thieves might be lurking nearby watching you leave the property. They will know you are heading on vacation and they can break-in to your property. Therefore, don’t make a huge scene when you are going on your break. Put a  suitcase in your car the night before. Also, don’t write about your holiday on Facebook. You are advertising to the world that your home will be empty and everything is up for grabs!

And remember to make sure you leave a key with a family member or friend who you trust while you are away. They can pop by and make sure nothing has occurred in your home!

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