Relighting The Flame: Keeping Your Relationship On Track When You've Got Kids

When you have children, they immediately become your priority. A lot of parents struggle with this massive shift in their lives. Before your baby’s arrival, your relationship was your top priority, so it’s no surprise that the adjustment can be a struggle. Here are some tips to make sure your relationship stays on track after you have kids.
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Keep Communicating
Even before you have kids, good communication in a relationship is key to its success. If you can’t talk to your partner with truth and honesty, what’s the point of being with them? It’s very easy for you to get wrapped up in your new arrival and then, later on, in the crazy hubbub of everyday life with small children. But it’s important for you to tell each other how you feel. If you’re tired or overwhelmed, talk to your partner. Then you can figure out a solution together and you’ll know you aren’t alone.
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Go On Dates
It’s difficult to get an evening off from your offspring. Going out is often expensive, particularly if you don’t have family in the area that you can leave your kids with. Finding a babysitter can be tough, but you can look online at a site like SitterCity Review to find a sitter who comes pre-recommended. Make an effort before you go out – put on your favourite dress and perfume, and make sure you feel good about yourself. You don’t have to break the bank to go on a date – you could go on an afternoon stroll together for free, or you could push the boat out on your anniversary and go to a fancy restaurant and hotel. No matter what you do, remember that spending time together is the most important thing of all.
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Keep The Chores Equal
If you’re a stay at home mom, remember that this is a job just as much as whatever your partner goes out all day to do. In fact, staying at home with small children can often be considerably harder, and going out to work can feel like a break from the pressures of your home life! When you’re both home, chores and childcare should be split equally. If you have disagreements about it, you could make a list of the chores that need to be done around the house and rotate who does the jobs each week if there are things that neither of you enjoys doing. If it’s a real problem and keeping you from spending time together, make a budget and hire a cleaner. Keep it equal and make sure that the work you do taking care of your kids all day is just as valued as going out to work. Feeling valued by your partner will make you happy in your relationship.
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Keep Flirting!
Remind your partner that you’re attracted to them – send flirty texts during the day, and give them compliments. When you’re both home, remember that physical intimacy is important and that side of your relationship shouldn’t be neglected. If you have to schedule time to spend together, do it! Remember that you’re together because you’re attracted to each other, you’re best friends, and you sincerely enjoy each other’s company. Even though you’re more tired and busy after becoming parents, that knowledge should keep your spark alive!

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  1. All relationships take work. They need quality time and attention. These are some great suggestions. Thank you so much for sharing