Things To Do in Davao City

Are you fond of traveling to different parts of the country? Have you been to Davao City before? Perhaps you are planning to visit anytime soon? Davao is a city that you could very well liken to that classmate of yours back in school who quietly sits at the back of the class but almost always finds a way to impress people.

Simple, quiet and yet, significant when it comes to both headlines, and in size, a city is a place that has lots to offer to the curious tourist, from its numerous tourist attractions to the number of must-book boutique hotels in Davao.

Facade of the Saint Peter Cathedral in Davao City (Photo via Wikimedia by Franz28)
That is if you’re willing to explore.

Because of its sheer size, Davao City’s many districts could easily pass for cities. And, without your guide to follow, getting lost is almost guaranteed.

So, to save you the trouble of getting lost and making sure that you prepare for your trip here’s a list of things to do while you’re traveling in what’s said to be one of the safest cities in the world.

Bridge to Samal Island, Davao City (Photo via Wikimedia by Ismael Cacharro)
  • Samal Island
When talking about places to visit while in Davao City, it’d be easy to make a list all about the Island Garden City of Samal.

IGACOS, as the group of islands, are formally known, Samal boasts some tourist spots that could take weeks for you to explore. From white sand beaches and accommodating resorts, to crystal clear falls and the Montfort bat cave, this group of islands is one for the bucket list.

Do keep in mind that the only means of traveling to-fro and in between the islands is either by boat or ferry or very rarely, by land vehicle. So those who get seasick should beware.
  • Eden Mountain Resort
The Eden Mountain Resort makes a beautiful retreat for those who want some peaceful rest. Though, if you want to move out and about, the resort also offers exciting activities such as Indiana Jones, fishing, and trekking, just to name a few.
For the tourist, this place is best visited when you’re looking for some downtime before you head out back home or on to your next adventure.
  • Philippine Eagle Nature Center
If you’re up for something that’s a bit more educational and symbolic in nature, the Philippine Eagle Nature Center is your best bet.

Home to one of the few remaining Philippine Eagles, which also happens to be one of the largest eagles in the whole world, the chance to get up close and personal with these powerful creatures is one that any tourist should never pass up. 
  • Malagos Garden Resort and Orchid Farms
Another place to visit for a quick stop before the trip back home or to another destination, the Malagos Garden Resort makes for an excellent place to relax in.

With the beautiful orchid farm as its main attractive and the locally-acclaimed “best tasting Lechon” they have, you’ll have both your eyes and your tummies full when you pay a visit to this place.
  • Mt Apo
Mt. Apo, being as vast and comprehensive as it is, isn’t exclusive only to Davao City. But, for the willing and more adventurous tourists out there, Davao is the best starting point if you’re looking to get to the top.

True, this isn’t something that any tourist should come unprepared. Though, I’d be lying if I said that this isn’t one for the bucket list. 

Food Tripping
  • Davao Crocodile Park / Vista View
These two places are different, but I’m putting them together only because one person owns them, and both offer the same delicacies.

Davao Crocodile Park could easily pass for a nature reserve and a must-visit for that purpose alone. But, you can see crocodiles in other places, what you won’t experience is the surprisingly, delicious taste of crocodile meat.

Served in many ways, depending on what you like, eating crocodile meat is a memory that you’d cherish for the rest of your days. 
  • Blue Post’s Boiling Crab & Shrimps
This simple and below-the-radar restaurant is situated right in the middle of the city which claims the title of the “top crab restaurant” in the whole of Davao. It’s also just about thirty minutes away from the airport, which means that this could be your go-to place for food before you head out. Or, maybe when you first arrive.
  • Tiny Kitchen
First starting off, well, literally as a tiny kitchen, this now full-blown restaurant serves one of the best seafood paella (according to foodies), cakes and pastries in all of Davao. True, the place can get a little pricey, but you do get your money’s worth in every bite.
  • Aling Foping’s
From the pricey, down to the street price. Aling Foping’s, located in Matina Town Square, is famous for serving one of the cheapest and best-tasting halo-halo, a known Filipino delicacy/dessert, in all of Davao.
  • Backyard Burgers
Backyard Burgers' may NOT be the first burger oriented joint you’ll come across in all your travels. But, if you’re looking for the cheapest way to stuff your stomach full of quarter-pound burgers, then this is the place for you! It also helps that they have occasional sales that cut the burger’s prices in half.
  • Magsaysay Park
Located just right by the ferry that leads to Samal, Magsaysay Park is a shoo-in just because it’s a place where you think isn’t worth visiting but you could never be any wronger.

It is a place filled with all kinds of street foods and fruit delicacies, such as durian. A must visit place if you want to experience great food without the cost. 

  • Aldevinco
Davao City is no slouch when it comes to shopping centers. But, if you’re looking for an authentic shopping experience, complete with all the tawad and all, the Aldevinco shopping center is the place for you.

A relic from the past, the shopping experience in Aldevinco is unlike any other in Davao City as of the moment. Though, it’s such a shame that the local government has enforced strict rules in recent years, preventing flea markets to excel in other areas within the city. 

The truth is, there are just so many things you can see and do while you’re in Davao City and this list shows just a fraction of that.

In fact, when you think about how big the city is and how much it has to offer the average tourist, a few days of vacation isn’t enough.

I recommend staying for more than a week or even going back again to experience Davao in all of its full glory!

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