Review: Japan Funbox Subscription Box

Last month I was very much lucky to be one of the bloggers who received Japan Funbox all the way from Japan for FREE. What is Japan Funbox anyway? It is a subscription-based company who ships candies and snacks straight to your doorstep every month which you could also cancel any time once you don't want to continue your subscription anymore. You can have a taste of different Japanese snacks at a lower price compared to other online shops. 

Funbox comes in 3 candy box sizes: 

MINI (14.99$/month)- consist of 5 to 7 items

ORIGINAL (32.99$/month)- 15 to 20 items inside and 1 DIY kit
One special item (Japanese toy, Gachapon toy, special DIY, drink, adult candy, etc..)

FAMILY (49.99$/month)-25 to 30 items plus 1 DIY Kit, two special items (Japanese toy, Gachapon toy, special DIY, drink, adult candy, etc.)
1 to 2 premium quality noodles (ramen, udon, soba, yakisoba, etc..)

The funbox regardless of its size is FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

I got a MINI funbox that consists of the following items:

Crispy Moist Chocolate- bite size corn puff "soaked in chocolate." One of the best-selling snacks in Japan

Pokemon Karipori- it comes it two flavors (Soda Pop and Lemonade). A crisp and bubbly stick type candy. 

Potato Happy Butter- Crispy thin potato chips that're sweet and salty. It has four main ingredients: butter, honey, parsley, and mascarpone cheese.

Umaibo Stick- corn puff stick that comes in 3 individual flavors: Curry, shrimp-mayonnaise and beef tongue

Strange Gum 2-bubble gum in three flavors: strawberry, lemon, and green apple. You can combine the each type of gums and create a new flavor.

Hello Kitty Strawberry Pretzel- strawberry flavored pretzel that comes in hello kitty designed box

The box has a good mix of candy and snack varieties that you could enjoy together though the Mini box has limited items, unlike the Family box which has lots of products you could share. I also like that they include a picture and a short description of every product included in your box so that it will be easier to know the name and information regarding each item if you don't understand Japanese characters. 

My daughter loved the candies while I prefer the snacks like the Umaibo sticks and Potato Happy Butter. I wish I could buy them in groceries and other stores nearby. 

Overall, Japan Funbox subscription price is pretty much reasonable because of its good quality products plus you could get them for free shipping. 

Why don't you check them out and learn more on how you could avail your Japanese candy monthly.

*The funbox was sent to me for review but the photos and opinions are all mine.

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