Tupperware Baby Care Plus & Kids Plus: Caring For Our Little Ones

“It is always uplifting to the restless thoughts, to the sleepless eyes and to the troubled heart to be able to watch their kids sleeping peacefully. The innocent eyes, those little noses and the slight movement of their mouth from breathing, makes all the pain go away. It's like a melodious sound that inspire you to put aside all the worries and just keep going because life flows, moves.” ― Karl Gornal 

Moms tends to be overprotective with their kids. We wanted them to be safe and protected all the time. There were few cases of neglectful mothers "pabayang ina" but I know for sure that most of us want the best for our child.

My daughter is now four years old, and she's very active in playing at home as well as in her school. For her skin care protection, I make sure that its clinically, and dermatologist-tested plus hypoallergenic to ensure its safe for my daughter. 

Good thing, Tupperware Brands has the best solution for moms like me. They are the authorized distributor of Baby Care Plus, Kids Plus as well as products specially made for moms(Moms Plus).

Each product has unique ingredients that's made to specific skin care needs of our babies and kids. Baby Care Plus products help moisturize the skin making it healthier, smoother and well-nourished all day. 

Take a closer look and check on the descriptions of each Baby Care Plus  below:
Baby Care Plus Baby Lotion + 24hr locked-in moisturizers and Vitamin E that leaves baby's skin velvety smooth and soft 

Baby Care Plus Baby Powder + Allantoin: keeping your child's skin fresh and dry and works as anti-irritation

Baby Care Plus Baby Bath + Lamesoft Skin Protector: form a natural barrier around the skin which help protects and giving your baby a softer and smoother skin.

Baby care Plus Baby Shampoo + Cetiol Conditioners: makes your baby's hair soft, silky, healthy and fragrant. For the babies sensitive scalp.

Baby Care Plus Baby Cologne + Hydraplus Formula: Helps prevent dryness in your baby's skin plus keeping him/her fragrant with the mild powdery scent all day.

Aside from Baby Care Plus line, they also have Kids Plus products specially made for your active kiddos. The products come in cute bottles and fruity scent that your kids will surely love. It offers gentle protection and cares clinically proven mild and safe for our kid's sensitive skin.
Kids Plus  Bath + Plantapon Skin Cleanser: with a mild PH balanced formula that gently cleanses and conditions kids skin and hair.

Kids Plus Shampoo + Puricare & Cetiol Conditioners: prevents dryness and protects kid's sensitive scalp by depositing a film-like protective layer over hair.

Kids Plus Cologne + Hydraplus Formula: helps prevent dryness and fresh fruity scent could last up to 3hrs 

Kids Plus Lotion + Nectapure: with 24hr locked-in moisturizers and protects kid's skin from pollution plus it has Vitamin E leaving skin smooth and soft all day.

Kids Plus Powder+ Allantoin: prevents inflammation and irritation and keeps kid's skin fresh and dry.Ideal for kids sensitive skin.

Tupperware Brands also aims to provide care for moms like me that's why they make Mom Plus have products like Soothing Relief Balm (for muscle pain, skin irritation, insect bites or headaches), Ultra Moisturizing Bar (helps replenish skin's natural moisture)  and Stretch Mark Cream (reduces cellulite and stretch marks, soften skin and repair damaged skin tissues).

We can't compromise our child's skin protection. With Tupperware's Baby Care Plus and Kids Plus products, our child gets the best and gentle protection they deserve. 

My daughter has been using the products for a week now, and I can say that I will continue using this product for my little one. Thanks to Tupperware for sending me these products for my daughter and me.

Will I recommend this to my fellow moms? It's a big YES! Though Tupperware's baby, kids, and moms line are not available in stores like supermarkets and drugstores. You can only buy them to Tupperware dealers. So if you want to buy those products you might need to track down the nearest dealer in your place. 

Visit www.tupperwarebrands.ph or call (02)867.2222. You can also check on their Facebook Page http://facebook.com/tupperwarebrandsph

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